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The Four Must Haves from Kama Ayurveda

kama ayurveda1I have a weakness for all things that are hand crafted, natural, organic and if that’s a wellness or a beauty product, then nothing like it. 

Recently I happened to be at one of Kama Ayurveda’s signature store at Juhu where I got to experience what these soulful products are all about and I picked these four products for myself. 

If you’re planning to pick up a Kama Ayurveda product, hopefully my review will help you here –

1. Pure Lavender Water – 200ml, priced at Rs. 725 + taxes

This steam-distilled water has a fresh woody mild lavender scent that’s perfect to boost your tired senses after a long day at work. I found it best after a workout in the gym, when I spray some on my face and allow the breeze to cool it leaving me all relaxed.

Lavender is known for many healing properties right from treating minor bruises to relaxing the nerves. What makes Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Lavender Water unique is that it contains no artificial colours or perfume and the key ingredient – i.e. lavender is directly handpicked from the Himalayas.

Beautifully designed, this 200ml spray bottle fits into your handbag making it easy for you to carry it with you, so that you never miss a change to revitalise yourself on any given day.

2. Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser – 100ml, priced at Rs. 675 + taxes

This beautiful concoction of rose and jasmine is perfect to uplift your spirits. This humble hydrating face wash is packed with natural goodness that is potent enough to heal your skin of the daily pollutants, dust, heat and grime.

Suitable for all skin types, this face cleanser will lovingly clean up your face without leaving it dry, stretched or itchy. Other ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba seed oil and black cumin seeds lend their medicinal properties to this face cleanser making it ideal to help control fine lines, increase suppleness of the skin, smoothening and even help remove light make up.

3. Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser – 200ml, priced at Rs. 975 + taxes

Kama Ayurveda2

The natural scent of the Himalayan Deodar is so uplifting that you’re going to love this product instantly. Close your eyes as you breathe in the soothing woody and leafy aroma to instantly transport yourself to the calm and serene forests of India.

What makes this product even more unique is that it is free from parabens and sulphates (I like!). With ingredients such as rose, natural vegetable base glycerine and lemon extracts it makes this cleanser the perfect tonic for your body and skin that’s constantly battling the daily heat, dust and pollution of the city.

4. Dhanwantaram Tailam – 250ml, priced at Rs. 875 + taxes

This special Ayurvedic massage oil is primarily meant for ‘Pre-Post Natal Treatment’ but can also be used regularly over weeks and months especially on your joints to sooth them and help delay the onset of arthritis.

The other benefit of this oil is that it improves skin elasticity and hence ideal to be massaged on your body during pregnancy or after delivery.

See more pictures of their latest product launches right here!

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