Motherhood – a luxurious journey of life celebrated with Volkswagen Passat

It has been some years now that the world has started celebrating Mother’s Day. Personally, I feel that every little thing that you do for your mum or yourself as a mum counts. Why set aside one single day to celebrate motherhood? Every day should be a celebration of a journey through motherhood, isn’t it?

Embark on a stress-free journey in life with the Volkswagen Passat

A mother spends hours and years tending to her family. She puts herself last on the priority list and everyone else comes first. Every Mother’s Day as people click selfies and post pictures on social media, it makes me wonder, what happens to the love for a mother for the rest of the days in the year? Shouldn’t the love, care and comfort extend across other days as well?

Sometimes, my mum and I drop by at the nearby mall for window shopping and coffee. These little things that we do together really help us nurture ourselves as a mother. Recently, I got a chance to go on a luxurious ride on the Volkswagen Passat. Thankfully, being a Sunday, there was less traffic on the roads and I took the family out for a drive for lunch to the Taj.

Celebrating motherhood with Volkswagen Passat

I love long drives and listening to music and that day, thanks to Volkswagen, I got to do all that and pamper myself and my mom with my daughter sitting cosily between us. The drive was so seamless over the bumpy Mumbai roads, the music that cancelled out the outside chaos, reminded me that sometimes this is what as mums we need to do, take a break and get away from it all and put ourselves first and of course, pamper ourselves with what we love doing the most. While the radio played some golden classics, mom and I chatted over some wonderful memories surrounding the song. It was as if we created a new happy memory sitting inside the uber luxurious and stylish Volkswagen Passat and forgetting the world for a while.

The reason why I am stressing that we should look beyond just celebrating a day for mums because I firmly believe that mums should put themselves first and that the love and pampering for her should not be set aside for a single day alone. And I think, this is what the all-new Passat brings with it, the legacy, comfort, iconic style, rich heritage and most importantly, safety – something exactly what every mother would want for the ones she loves and for a change herself too.

The elegant & stylish Volkswagen Passat

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