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Welcome to Theory, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Tonight’s dinner menu would have been Newton’s favourite. Why you may ask? After an apple fell on his head and apart from discovering gravity, Newton would have also learned a few more interesting ways to have an apple for supper!

We’re not joking, trust us when we tell you. In fact, we too discovered a whole new way to enjoy a juicy apple in the form of a drink, soup, salad, mains and dessert. Yes, we’ve heard of several dishes and recipes made out of apples as the core ingredient, but to explore it in a fine dining experience is something worth talking about.

Freshly tossed three-way apple salad @ Theory

The Lifestyle Portal was at Theory at Lower Parel on a Friday night, where an exclusive dinner menu was curated in collaboration with US Apples.

The Friday evening gala began with a round of scarlet Sangria and choice of red wines and entrée consisting of fried squid rings, minced meatballs and much more.

Scarlet red Sangria @ Theory

The sit-down dinner started with a demo by the in-house chef of a three-way apple salad that got us hungry, and thankfully the Sangria arrived in time.

The dinner started with Curried Carrot & Apple Soup – a rich creamy soup with the natural sweetness of apples and carrots. Add a dash of black pepper to balance out the sweetness. I usually make a pumpkin soup at home, the consistency of the Curried Carrot & Apple Soup reminded me of my homemade recipe, though mine has a hint of garlic and onions in it.

Curried Carrot & Apple Soup @ Theory

Then came the gorgeous salad – Poached apple salad with goat cheese. What made the salad so breathtakingly unique is that it had crunchy endives with red wine poached apples, drizzled red wine reduction served with gratinated goat cheese and hazelnut. I loved how the saltiness and the texture of the goat cheese balanced out the sweetness of the poached apples.

In the mains, we had a choice between the Apple Gnocchi with butternut squash and sage butter. These pan seared apple gnocchi were a surprise package that was served with cinnamon glazed squash and burrata.

Apple Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Sage Butter

While my fellow food blogger Indrani Sen opted for the vegetarian one for the sheer novelty of it, I opted for the Chicken Roulade with Apple Jus. This was a star performer for me that evening. These were tender pockets of tender chicken roulade stuffed with mushroom forestière and gruyere on a bed of peronata and brandy apple jus. As I was done with the apple sweetness, the salt component in the chicken was a welcome change for my palate.

Apple Cheese Cake with Burnt Butter Ice Cream

And for dessert – drumrolls please – I opted for Apple Cheese Cake – a gluten free slice served with burnt butter ice cream (heavenly I tell you) while Sneha Dalvi, the founder of TalkingBee opted for a low sugar Apple Baklava – served homemade vanilla ice cream.

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With fellow food bloggers & FBAI Team @ Theory

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