How to Protect Your Bike in Monsoon?

Is your bike your first love? Then it needs your love & care

Contributor: Rajveer Khanna

So here comes the monsoon! Bike trips, particularly during this time, are one of the most exciting events. A little drizzle on a face, that fresh and earthy smell and a wide road together, make the best setting for a beautiful journey.

However, while this may be the right time to celebrate the cooling of temperature and enjoy the soft pitter-patter of the rain, it is also the time when your motorcycle is more prone to damages and accidents. So here are some important things which you should remember to relish a safe and secure motorcycle ride:

  1. Go for regular servicing of your bike: Dust particles and water droplets accumulated on the body part of the motorcycle cause serious damages to its performance. So, it is inevitable to go for regular servicing of a bike to protect your vehicle from all types of losses or damages caused by rain and dust.
  2. Check tyres: On a wet surface, the chances of bike skidding and slipping are very high, therefore, go with tyres which have a tread of minimum 3 mm to get a proper grip while riding. Also, keep your tyres less inflated to enjoy better grip. Check for tyre pressure on a regular basis to ensure it is at an optimal
  3. Check brake system: As the braking power of a vehicle gets reduced in wet conditions, don’t forget to check the brake system. Remember, perfect functioning of brakes ensures maximum safety while riding on wet condition, and therefore, get your liners, discs and the inside of your drum brakes properly checked and cleaned before it starts raining.
  4. Lubricate chain: In the rainy season, chains lose their greasing power which makes them more rustic and non-performing. Hence, grease the chain of your vehicle to ensure its efficiency. Along with the chain, as grease levers and hinges can also get affected by rain water, double check to ensure they are in a good condition.
  5. Clean air filter: Though, rain brings respite from the scorching heat, it also increases the density of moisture in the air, which clogs the air filter and blocks air. So, clear air filters frequently during wet conditions.
  6. Check all lights of a motorcycle: As visibility reduces in the rainy season, make sure the lights of your bike are in a working condition. Either wear bright coloured gears or go with flashing wheel lights to increase your visibility.
  7. Park your bike under a covered shed: Make sure to park your motorcycle under a covered area so that water doesn’t accumulate on it. Don’t park your bike under the tree as you never know when a branch might fall during this season. Also, when you are not using it, cover your bike properly to protect it from the rain and dust. After every ride, it would be good if you clean your motorcycle and remove the dirt which otherwise can clog the cooling process of the engine.
  8. Buy motorcycle insurance: The above measures can only prevent things from getting worse, however, they can’t completely rule out the incidences of mishaps. So, it is necessary to go with a comprehensive motor insurance policy which offers coverage against both natural and man-made losses and risks, like accidents, rain, flood, theft, robbery, earthquake, etc. In most of the cases, a two-wheeler insurance policy comes with a personal accident cover which offers monetary compensation to the individual driver while travelling, mounting, or dismounting from the vehicle.You can also go with a long-term motorcycle insurance policy which covers you for two or three years in one go. It means, you don’t need to take tension of renewing your policy every year and you can also enjoy some discounts offered by insurance companies to their long-term motorcycle insurance policyholders.
  9. Ensure your safety: During the rainy season, it is not just a motorcycle that should be in good condition, but also its rider. So, make sure you always wear protective gear that includes, a waterproof jacket, gloves, helmet, and knee pads.

Remember, as during monsoon, when you take care of your health to avoid ailments like dengue, malaria, etc.; it is equally necessary for you to take good care of your bike as well to ensure it doesn’t ‘fall sick’ when the rain god ‘showers’ you with love. So, diligently follow all the above tips to have a hassle-free ride during this ruthless season.

Contributor: Rajveer Khanna

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