Cafe Mambo-Beach Club

As a tourist I should be going gaga about Cafe Mambo, but somehow my experience has not been very good. Since I’ve had heard so much about Mambo’s, I thought of giving it a try. 
According to me, Cafe Mambo is a popular joint for Indian teeny boppers, but as an Indian, you don’t feel at home when you enter Mambo’s. Mambo’s hasn’t left any great memory, especially with regard to the poor service offered.

I personally felt that Indians are not too welcome in a place like Mambo’s, which is more open to international tourists.

I have nothing against international tourists; they are our guests in our country and more than welcome to visit often. But I don’t see why domestic tourists, (if they have the money to spend), should not be catered to, on time.

I had a Chocolate Mousse, which cost Rs 50 (from a self-help counter), drinks extra. I think, only drinks, seesha and small eats are served at your table (not the desserts).

Entry fee for Mambo’s is Rs 500 for a couple, food and drinks, extra. The positive part was we got to dance for a couple of hours, till the music got boring. Mambo’s needs a music facelift to keep the crowd grooving for more.

Cafe Mambo — Beach Club
Baga – Calangute,
Phone: +91 832279895
Website: and

Published in, for a Goa Food Guide Series 11th February, 2008.

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