Calamari Beach Shack Goa – Food Review

You may not find this restaurant with ease. It’s one of those tiny lanes in between houses that will take you to a barren beach spot and there you will find Calamari a popular beach shack for international tourists.

At first, we being the only Indians at the restaurant, weren’t too happily welcomed by the staff. They did not attend to our table for a very long time, but we were patient. We took out our books and started reading until the waiter came up to us to present us with a menu card.

corona beer bottle across sands
Beach & Beer! Photo by Marianna OLE on Pexels.com

Since we were so determined to have a good time in Goa, we ordered a couple of drinks (I stuck to a Breezer) and over butter garlic mushrooms and squids we read our books and talked at leisure.

Gradually, we ordered another round of drinks which went well with steaks and pies. The food was great! The staff gradually opened up and the smile appeared across their faces and showed a tinge of apology for treating us ‘badly’ up front.

The ambience is that of a simple beach shack with wooden flooring and World Space music playing country music.

Since that part of the beach is not frequented by local tourists, it is a hot spot for all international tourists for sun bathing and relaxing without being intruded upon. Calamari has been rated as one of the top five beach shacks across the world by the Observer Food Monthly and I can see why.


Its in one of the bylanes on the road to Candolim. If you like to explore, then ride into the little bylanes in between the curio shops and I am sure you will find it!

For Rediff.com, 28th February, 2008

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