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MeSoHappi BKC - Food ReviewWho said food doesn’t make you happy. Remember KungFu Panda who eats when he’s upset?

Why is that? That’s because food has the power to make you happy, even if you’re not the giant roly-poly panda!

Of course, that’s another point of discussion as to why people eat when they’re upset, and we’re not here to get into that serious discussion yet because we at The Lifestyle Portal are very happy to share our latest food review at MeSoHappi that’s recently opened its third outlet at BKC.MeSoHappi BKC Food Review

I took one of my very dear college friends/ besties (we’re a bunch of three, the third one sadly lives in another city) out for her anniversary lunch to MeSoHappi where we caught up on life and friendship over some refreshing mocktails and great food.

This swanky new outlet shares the space with Captain’s Cabin a fine dining restaurant on the ground floor of the Pinnacle Corporate Park in BKC. We were graciously greeted into the bright and delightful MeSoHappi restro-bar with peppy music and a tastefully done up décor.

My friend Manisha at MeSoHappiWhat we liked best about the ambience was it was not seeking too much attention, it was attractively done up with just the right amount of wall props and yes a very interesting wall art, a London Phone Booth door for the kitchen (interesting way to camouflage the kitchen door) and those fantastic bar stools that have got paddles on them!

And if you go during the day, there’s ample sunlight to light up a portion of the restaurant, or you could choose to sit a little inside if you don’t like the sun on your face.

Something to drink – Soup & Mocktails

So we started with the soup of the day – called Bowl of Soup (Rs. 180) which was a rich and creamy broccoli soup served in a big white bowl withSoup of the Day - Broccoli Soup a lid complimented with two perfectly toasted bread strips with a yummy garlic chilli rub. This is a perfect way to settle down after a tiring day at work and allow the soup to work its magic.

While we waited for the starters to arrive, we sipped on two mocktails – an Appletini (Rs. 175) and Guava Mojito (Rs. 225).

While the Appletini was passable with over the top apple concentrate, the Guava Mojito was much better – with lots of crushed ice, some mint and the punch of the guava flavour – it tasted a lot like a guava flavoured ‘gola’ and my friend refused to share it with me (so mean).

Salads Quinoa Beet and Smoked Cheese Salad

With the chef’s recommendations, we ordered for a plate of Quinoa Beet and Smoked Cheese Salad (Rs. 495) with an OJ dressing and fried basil.

This refreshing salad is a weight watcher’s delight and what we liked best was how the saltiness and the smokiness of the soft cheese balanced out the sweetness and the crunchiness of the other ingredients in the salad.

Entrée (Vegetarian)

Vegetarian EntreeIf you’re a vegetarian, then you should definitely try the Beet and Feta Cheese Cigar Rolls (Rs. 325), that’s served with a red pepper sauce. It’s slightly chewy, on the outside but the beetroot filling is super yum.

The Flaring Cottage Cheese Skewers (Rs. 350) laced with spicy oriental sauce is also a good choice – the cottage cheese are perfectly done – paneer lovers this one’s for you.

The Baked Skins with Refined Beans (Rs. 250) is also quite good – we recommend it you have it along with the broccoli soup to balance out the flavours and it is quite heavy too.

My favourite was the Bruschetta (Rs. 200) topped with tomato, live, jalapeno and mozzarella. It was something I’d like to have along with my soup especially on a weekday when I have to get back to work soon after.

Entrée (Non-Vegetarian) Non Vegetarian Entree

You could start with the Chicken Satay (Rs. 300) that’s got a flavour of galangal and lemongrass and served with a peanut sauce.

If you like seafood, do try their Dynamite Prawns (Rs. 475) tossed in a spicy sauce, and oh yes, there’s Bombillo (Rs. 300) – which is Bombay Duck (Bombil as it is locally called) perfectly fried and tossed in chilli coating.

For those who don’t like seafood, try MeSoHappi’s signature Corn Dog (Rs. 325) – a batter fried chicken sausage served with a superb mustard dip.

Mains (Vegetarian)

Bunny ChowSo we got a flavour of some of their signature dishes – starting with Gnocchi (Rs. 350) – those delightful potato dumplings were slightly charred and tossed with olives, walnuts and herbs.

For those with a big appetite try the Bunny Chow (Rs. 375) – though a South African dish, the flavours served here at MeSoHappi is quite Indianised and the curried vegetables were served in a scooped out bread.

My friend had fun chomping into it just like Jerry Mouse would gnaw his way into a large block of cheese.

My favourite was the Crepe (Rs. 350) that came packed with sundried tomato, broccoli and ricotta. These homemade crepes were simply divine and I couldn’t stop at one bite; so I overate.

Mains (Non-Vegetarian) Blackened Fish

While I was so happy enjoying the Crepe, the other dish that I also fell in love with was the Blackened Fish (Rs. 500) where the fish fillet were served with crushed onion and coriander seeds on a bed of creamy risotto and crispy okra on the side.

Personally I love risotto and this dish was quite unique as I have not yet seen crispy okra being served with risotto and that too a char grilled fish fillet.

This is something I’d like to order again when I go next to MeSoHappi (sorry, the Bengali in me always tends to make a beeline for fish, what to do!).

Rasmalai Pan ShotsDesserts

With all that we had for lunch, we signed it off with MeSoHappi’s iconic Pan Shots – that will arrive on your table in small shot glasses topped with a deconstructed pan and a pan flavoured rasmalai.

This left us speechless (for girls to remain speechless it is rare) and for a moment, we sat in silence to assimilate the whole dining experience and went back home happy filled with good food and memories.

Click here for more fun photos of our review at MeSoHappi.

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Timings– 12:30 pm-1:30 am
For Reservations – 022 30151208
Address: MeSoHappi, Ground Floor, Pinnacle Corporate Park,
Bandra Kurla Complex,

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