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Kama AyurvedaThe Lifestyle Portal is a big fan of beauty and skin care products that are healing, soothing and nurturing both to us and to the planet.

We’ve covered several chemical free and natural beauty products in the past and this time too we’re proud to be associated with Kama Ayurveda – a high end wellness brand that believes in the harmony of mind and body; and taking that philosophy forward they have crafted these 100% natural, organic and plant based products for you.

Ever since we’ve launched The Lifestyle Portal and have featured several organic, sustainable and chemical free beauty and wellness brands, we’ve shifted to using more of these products and have seen the difference ourselves. One of the main factors we now look out for while buying a cosmetic or a skin/hair care product that it should be free of sulphates and parabens.

Because we’re now aware of how safe and healthy these alternative wellness and skincare products are wKama Ayurvedae aim to share the same knowledge with our readers.

Bridal Beauty Service 

Recently we were at the Kama Ayurveda’s exclusive store in Juhu where they launched the Bridal Beauty Service priced at Rs. 8,000 which includes an exclusive Bridal Box complimented with an in-house Ayurvedic doctor consultation who will guide you what product to use and how along with some home tips based on your health and skin type.

The Bridal Beauty Service is a customised box where you can choose from the following products:

  1. Eladi Rejuvenating and Hydrating Face Cream
  2. Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub
  3. Kumkumadi miraculous beauty ayurvedic night serum
  4. Nalpamaradi thailam skin brightening treatment
  5. Turmeric & myrrh skin brightening soap
  6. Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil
  7. Ubtan soap free body cleanser
  8. Rose jasmine face cleanser
  9. Pure rose water
  10. Eladi hydrating ayurvedic face cream
  11. Mridul soap free face cleanser
  12. Extra Virgin Olive oil
  13. Rose Soap
  14. Rose Lip balm

Kama AyurvedaThese Bridal Beauty Service packs feature some of Kama Ayurveda’s best-selling products that’s a blend of skin and hair care to enhance the inner glow and beauty of the bride to be.

The best part being, this Bridal Beauty Service can be a part of your wedding trousseau and can also be used post wedding to keep your hair and skin in good health and keep you relaxed.

This exclusive Bridal Beauty Package will be available until March, 2016 and will again be launched by the end of the year when the wedding season picks up in 2016.

Valentine’s Day Beauty Boxes

Also, with Valentine’s Day coming up you can also pick up these gorgeouKama Ayurvedas beauty boxes at Rs. 2,000 which include a Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil, Madurai Mogra Scented Candle and a Lavender Pure Essential Oil.

Post consultation with their in-house Ayurvedic doctor we were recommended Rose & Jasmine Face Cleanser (Rs. 675) with the goodness of pure essential oils of these two heavenly flowers and Dhanwantaram Thailam – Pre-Post Natal Treatment (Rs. 875) – a wonderful soothing oil to ease joint pains, stress and strain and improve skin elasticity. While the face cleanser will help the face combat the daily pollution, the oil will help relax the muscles of an urban dweller.

Why Kama Ayurveda Products are good for you:

Kama AyurvedaKama Ayurveda uses authentic Ayurvedic ingredients to formulate their range of wellness products and hence their treatments are 100% natural as they’re only sourced from organic plant-based ingredients.

Being pure, Kama Ayurveda products contain no artificial colours, fragrance, parabens, propylene glycol, sulphates and are internationally certified organic.

So the next time that bottle of soap, body wash, massage oil or a face cleanser gets over at home, do yourself a favour, be kind to yourself and pick up a bottle of Kama Ayurveda product and see the results yourself.

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