Barbeque Nation Bangalore – Review

Barbeque anyone?
Barbeque anyone?

After all that hype from friends across the country, we decided to pay Barbeque Nation in Bangalore a visit.

We had booked our table a day before and since I have heard so much about the quantity of the food for the price, I decided to prepare my tummy with an antacid so that it could handle all my gluttony for a few hours.

I love Bangalore weather, while other metros dwell in dust and some heat in September, Bangalore will treat you with slight nip in the air. However, the same couldn’t be said about the ambience of Barbeque Nation, it was hot, sultry and filled with the cacophony of large corporate groups stuffing their bellies with all they could on that Sunday afternoon.

To deal with that, I ordered for a Bloody Mary and phew how bloody was that! I have never tasted Bloody Mary as bad as that – come on; just because it’s a complimentary drink that comes along with a non-vegetarian special worth Rs. 425/- (plus taxes), you can most certainly offer me one decent glass of Bloody Mary! Nightmare I dare say.

Moving on to the food part – I was thoroughly done with chicken, as I had been traveling for the last few days and tasting food across several restaurants in Bangalore, I opted for the meat, fish and prawns. A Bengali’s loyalty to fish and meat will never falter and I being a true blood Bengali did full justice to the fish and prawns that were grilled to perfection.

The main course was disgraceful; it appeared as though some small time caterer was hired to make that oily, greasy food that made me throw up with the very look of it. Adding to the poor ventilation, heat and humidity inside Barbeque Nation, I definitely wanted to stay away from all that preposterous oily disrespect of the desi khaana.

And so, I made a beeline for the desserts, apart from a mockery of what they called the Bebinca – the famous Goan pudding, the caramel custard, cakes and chocolate desserts saved the day.

I have heard from friends that Barbeque Nation in other cities like Ahmedabad and Lucknow are far better than the metros. I sincerely hope it is so. But I can safely say, that this visit was a thorough wash down and does not match to my experience at Global Fusion, in Bandra, Mumbai that is a total seafood and sushi lovers delight.


Barbeque Nation
Plot-4005, 100 Feet Road
Hall 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Banglore
Phone : 080-60600000, 080-64506728

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