Mojito and Music at Hard Rock Cafe

Mojito and Music at Hard Rock Cafe
Mojito and Music at Hard Rock Cafe

I like my Mojito and I get it best at Hard Rock Café in Mumbai and Bangalore. I love this place, who doesn’t? Usually on our trips to Bangalore or Mumbai, we would always make it a point to go to Hard Rock Cafe to listen to good, unadulterated music which will not abruptly break into bhangra/ Hindi remix. I love bhangra/ Hindi songs – but come on, there’s a time and place for everything.

On my last visit to Hard Rock Café, Mumbai, I enjoyed my Mojito while listening to two live band performances –  Tough on Tobacco and Bedouin Soundclash – two uber cool bands, very unique and very refreshing music.

Coming to the food part (how could I forget) – the calamari or the squids deep fried in batter go chewy when cold, so it’s best to avoid if you’re not going to have it immediately, otherwise it’s a good snack to go with your drinks. In Bangalore, I haven’t seen people coming over to eat, they usually come in groups after work for a drink and go home, unlike in Mumbai, where families come for a dinner with friends, or young college girls and boys celebrate their birthdays at Hard Rock Café.

The Spicy Dragon Chicken Drumsticks in Bangalore’s Hard Rock Café is good – while others may prefer the Legendary 10 oz. Burger in Hard Rock Café and its worth a try if you are fond of meaty burgers.

Need I speak about the ambience and decor at Hard Rock Cafe? I like it how as the time progresses, they gradually dim the lights creating a perfect setting to listen to good music. The staff have been trained really well to give you total attention and look after you well. But Hard Rock Café in Bangalore deserves a special mention especially since it’s in an old building which adds to its charm and character.

Hard Rock Café Bengaluru
40 St. Marks Road
Phone: +91-804-124-2222

Hard Rock Café Mumbai
Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound
Opposite Kamala City Mills Studio
Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Worli, Mumbai -400025
Phone: +91-22-6651-1209
Fax: +91-22-2438-6111

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  • Yo! Hard Rock Cafe is rock on.


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