Student Testimonials

Student & Parent Testimonial by Niharika & Devyani Bisht

Niharika Bisht, on completing Level 1: Basic & Intermediary of our Writing Program

Student Testimonial

The creative writing course with my teacher Miss Tanya was an amazing a new adventure for me where I learned many things that I never knew.

The start was awkward but over time it was a great experience. I’m very grateful to Miss Tanya for having my articles published on the website: The Lifestyle Portal.

The two tools that I like to learn was immersive writing which is to observe your surroundings without adding any personal opinions. I deeply enjoyed learning other tools such as the art of research, choosing what is relevant, drafting my assignments, observation tools, writing prompts and many more.

I also learned the art of writing crisp content and how to write a better short story. These pointers helped me a lot in my writing style has changed by far with Miss Tanya.

At first, I had several mistakes but I learned that it starts rough and ends happily. With everything, the awkward start was worth it. I believe that anything is possible in life takes you on a different journey which is not always the one you prefer. I hope, sometime in the near future, I can do the next writing level with Miss Tanya.

Devyani & Niharika Bisht

Parent Testimonial

The creative writing programme offered by Tanya is unique in a way that complicated things are simplified and explained in a way that my 11-year-old would understand. And that’s what I liked most about this course.

Besides learning the nuances and nitty gritty of writing, the course is designed to make the writer have a different perspective while exploring new topics, which can be challenging but extremely important to learning.

Every lesson was taken and taught with so much patience by Tanya which is amazing and she made Niharika step out of her comfort zone while choosing the topics for writing, it’s that’s what I was looking for and she made it happen. A big thank you for all the effort and the constant support during the course!

Contributor: Niharika Bisht

About our Writing Program Student
Niharika is our youngest writing program student. She’s 11-years-old and is studying in Class 7 in a British school in Doha. She loves reading the most and also enjoys sketching, making art and watching movies in her free time.

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