The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program – Testimonial by Anusmita Dutta

Anusmita Dutta
Anusmita Dutta

Testimonial by Anusmita Dutta

Tanya and I have been associated for a few years as I contribute articles for  The  Lifestyle Portal. She is an experienced and trained professional and I look up to her a lot. So, when I heard about the online writing program, I immediately put it on my ‘To-Do’ list.

The course content was practical and doable. As a writer, I am not formally trained which I felt puts me at a disadvantage at times. Post this course, I feel  I have the tools and right mindset to go about any writing assignment with confidence.

The sessions with her were fun and interactive. But it is the assignments that Tanya gave after every class that challenged me to think and write to the best of my ability. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to hone their writing skills. Be sure, if you are a serious learner, you will come out enriched.

About our writing program student:

Anusmita Dutta
Anusmita Dutta works as the Content Head in She started her career in the e-learning industry but moved on to writing in the print and the web medium as well. She is also a Spoken English Tutor and a children’s storyteller.

The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program:
Would you like to empower yourself with the simple yet effective tools of writing? Learn to write better with our online writing workshops. Sign up for The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program and fine-tune your writing skills with us. Write to us at to know more.

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