5 reasons to stay at the Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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The majestic tiger at Kanha

Welcome to land of the majestic tiger…the very place that inspired the famous author Rudyard Kipling pen down the iconic story of the Jungle Book. Boasting of being one of the largest national parks of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is home to some of the most exotic wild animals right from the tiger, the swamp deer, sambar, elephants and other animals some of which are endangered but are living freely and safely here.

For city dwellers who are keen on exploring nature’s true bounty, a trip to the Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a must that’s been painstakingly designed for nature lovers like you.

If you’d like to visit a reserve forest in all its glory, a stay at Singinawa Jungle Lodge is truly recommended. Tourists from all over the country and abroad who ever have stayed here have vouched for a memorable experience at this luxurious forest resort.

Whether it is the amenities, the staff, the accessibility, and facilities – Singinawa Jungle Lodge under the guidance of Tulika Kedia, the MD has truly lived up to its name.

For those of you who have yet to experience the hospitality and beauty on offer at Singinawa Jungle Lodge, here’s a sneak peek of what it is all about…

Welcome to the Singinawa Jungle Lodge
Welcome to the Singinawa Jungle Lodge

The Lodge

Singinawa means – Protectors of the Sacred Forest and when you step into this forest lodge, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and the balance struck by them in maintaining a disturbance free resort. The rooms and cottages have been aesthetically designed, with stunning Gond tribal art adorning the walls. Spread across a 110-acre property, this eight-year-old forest lodge will spoil you with their hospitality and comforts.

Wake up in the morning and sip your tea while you overlook a herd of deer grazing softly near your cottage, isn’t this a sight worth for sore eyes?

The Perch, Singinawa Jungle Lodge
The Perch, Singinawa Jungle Lodge


The most important part about your stay is the rooms at the Singinawa Jungle Lodge. There are in total 12 cottages made of slate and stone each nestled in the foliage of trees and flora. Care has been taken to give you the maximum comfort and luxury in the lap of nature while you take a much-needed hiatus from the busy city life.

With comfortable beds, hot and cold water, sofas, tea and coffee machine, a study table and did we mention a fireplace – all have been incorporated in each of these 12 cottages that allow you enjoy maximum comfort during your stay.

What you’ll like most is the 4-bedroom Perch Jungle Bungalow featuring en-suite bathrooms and a shared large private lounge-dining room. You get a feeling of staying in a forest while enjoying all the luxurious amenities that strike a balance between modern and rustic.

tiger safari
The highlights of a safari at Kanha


Situated very close to the buffer zone of the Kanha National Park and barely 12 kms from Makki Gate, tourists have been mesmerised by the sheer beauty and calmness experienced in these lush green forests. No trip to a tiger sanctuary is complete without a safari on board a four-wheel SUV. Hop on to a gypsy as you embark on a safari with a hope to spot the majestic tiger.

Each safari has a different story and an adventure to tell. Sit still and keep your camera handy as you try to spot the wild animals with the help of the trained guides. These safaris go to various points of the Kisli, Kanha and Mukki zone. Depending on the duration of your stay at the lodge, book a safari and let the magic unfold.

Where luxury meets relaxation
Where luxury meets relaxation

Things to do

City dwellers can’t get enough of the Singinawa hospitality, be it the food, the staff, the stay and the amenities provided. So while you allow nature to seep into your soul, allow Singinawa Jungle Lodge nurture you with its healing spa therapies and massages, cooking lessons (for some cooking can be very therapeutic), a dip in the pool, a cycling trip with the in house naturalists or just bask in the warmth of bonfire nights and break bread with fellow travellers.

Get to know nature...
Get to know nature…

Make a difference

With the Singinawa Conservation Foundation, over 30,000 indigenous saplings were planted with an aim to breathe a new lease of life in the degraded jungle. In today’s materialistic world, one extra step towards nature conservation can go a long way for generations to come. Even as a guest to Singinawa you too can do your bit by planting a sapling or sponsoring plantation drives that are held during monsoons in the nearby villages in the Buffer Zone.

Get in touch

Singinawa Jungle Lodge
Village Kohka, PO Tehsil Baihar | Tehsil Baihar, Kanha National Park – 481111
e-mail: bookings@singinawajunglelodge.com | call: +91 124 4908610

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