A Bulbul chirps outside my window

While working on my computer one morning, I was interrupted by a mischievous chirp of the bulbul bird outside my window. Perched on the corner of a roof, it looked here and there and chirped so melodiously that I had to stop working and look at it for a while. 

I loved every moment of it; it was after all a welcome change from the clitter-clatter of my keyboard. The sight was wonderful, it had just stopped raining and the bulbul was fluffing up to shed off the extra moisture and keep itself warm. It was soothing. What I saw gave my eyes the much needed relief from looking into the monitor and working long hours.

Thankfully, I always keep my camera handy in my cupboard. I took it out and took a few pictures. It made my day. I was so excited that I managed to capture a rare moment from nature that made me relax instantly.

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