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Top 4 international series on NetFlix that you shouldn’t miss!

Text by: Prakriti Panwar (Intern), Staff Writer

Ever since the release of the Oscar-winning film, Parasite, there has been a huge talk about foreign language entertainment. Though appreciation of the same is not completely unknown, it has a tendency to be less popular among viewers. However, now that most people are confined to their homes, they have, in a way, exhausted all conventional shows and movies and are moving on to explore other, richer forms of cinema.

Language is often considered to be a barrier, but expression has no limitations. Exploring and experiencing is an important aspect of life. So what if we cannot do it physically, in the outside world? You’ll be surprised to know what all the silver screen can bring to us!

LA CASA DE PAPEL on Netflix. Image source: Internet
LA CASA DE PAPEL on Netflix. Image source: Internet


This Spanish heist/ crime Netflix series has taken the world by a spin. Some of you might know it as ‘Money Heist’ or through the very famous song, ‘Bella Ciao’, which has been a rich content for memes lately. Some may even have discovered it through the Instagram filter. Whatever the source might be, we are all well aware of the fact that it is an extremely popular series. But is it worth the hype? The short answer is yes. Not just the plot, but the characters too really seem to amuse the viewers. ‘The Professor’, as the genius is referred to as on the show, recruits eight people in order to help him carry out a high-level crime. However, do not let the plot mislead you. While reading this piece one might easily compare the show to ‘Ocean’s 11’, it would definitely not be an exaggeration to state that it is bigger and better. “One word -Perfect”, says Yohan (15) who has recently finished the show. “The show is perfect and worth watching if one does not mind reading the subtitles.” According to Google Users, 97 per cent have absolutely loved the show.


The term ‘culture shock’ is usually used when one tends to be exposed to a more open and liberal environment. This layman usage has blinded us about the fact that the same can be experienced when exposed to a conservative environment as well. You might as well get ready for one because this series gives us a look into the strictly orthodox Jewish culture, a lifestyle which many would consider ‘unusual’. An empowering and meaningful one, this show not only has an extremely unique and uncommon plot. It is a story about a woman who has left behind her own marriage and a suffocating community, in order to express who she is and rediscover herself. According to IMDB, the average audience score is 94 per cent.

Watch Fauda on Netflix. Image source: Internet
Watch Fauda on Netflix. Image source: Internet


With a high rating of 8.3 on IMDB, this action series highlights the operations of a top Israeli agent’s encounters. Apart from the obvious, it also depicts the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, a topic of constant controversies. Though this may seem like any other series highlighting the issue, what makes it unique is that it has got a more humane aspect to it. “It brings out the fact that there is no real winner or a loser in such complex situations,” says Somesh (44), an engineer from Mumbai. “It gave me a true and realistic glimpse of the disputed situation.” Apart from that, the Israeli series is filled with plot twists which will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. The action too is well directed and smooth.


This German scientific fiction series is one of its kind. The eerie plot revolves around two missing kids which leads to some really ‘dark’ revelations about the town. Endowed with all sorts of enigmas and otherworldly elements, the series presents the viewers with greatly moving factors. With the outlandish components, the plot exposes the history of the town as well. This series has really appealed to the masses, despite being a sci-fi, a genre many viewers know a lot about. It is really hard to impress a knowledgeable and aware audience and this show has done just that. It has also managed to receive a high rating of 96 per cent among its viewers. The best part is that Netflix recently released the trailer for its third season.

These top four series/ soaps, apart from providing you with a new perspective, will also give you a glimpse into other cultures. The languages may be different, but the content is what will keep one going. Meaningful entertainment – be it from India or Israel, is something which needs to be recognised and this is the perfect time to do so. Some of the recommended shows might even sow a seed of curiosity within you. Information and knowledge is something which needs to be constantly updated and can be done easily. The source, however, need not always be newspapers and big books.

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