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Men’s take on Women’s Day- Ashish Chitrode

The Lifestyle Portal is celebrating Women’s Day differently – we didn’t talk to the ladies, instead, we spoke to the gents. When we spread the word around that we wanted to know what men think about International Women’s Day, we’ve got some truly amazing responses. Sharing the second part of the series with you today.
Here is our second interview with Ashish Chitrode, a 33-year-old Jaipur based mechanical engineer and the Regional Facility Head for Yes Bank.
Ashish Chitrode, Jaipur

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

Ashish believes it is important to celebrate Women’s Day but likewise, it is also a great according to him to celebrate Men’s Day where every man can rejoice the inner gentleman within him. Ashish says, “Women are the source of love and the driving force of life, be it in every form of relationship and we men are lucky to have them in our lives.”

Failure/Success – who is responsible?

On asking who is responsible for the failure/success of a woman, Ashish says, “Let’s visualize a coin with just one face, and other one blank, what will it’s worth be now? Men and women are two sides of the same coin and in the absence of anyone; the other one has no value.”

What India must do for women

Ashish believes that we should work towards equalizing the sex ratio of our population if not skewing it to the higher female ratio (Though he personally thinks it should happen in the next 3 to 4 decades).

Women at work

“A woman is the one who will never back down, and keep the team spirit high even in the worst case scenarios. Women fight dual battles, one for her company/team and one for herself, so winning is twice important to her, in comparison to male counterparts,” explains Ashish

On asking Ashish about his thoughts on women entrepreneurship, here is what he had to say, “Women have all the skill sets for entrepreneurship and excel in many areas where even male counterparts don’t. Well, in my view there is no field where women can’t work”

“I also don’t really agree to the meaning attached to the term “Glass Ceiling”. I feel it’s all in the mind. We all have to overcome barriers- physical, psychological or emotional. The higher the purpose, superior will be the resistance and greater the sacrifice. Only a few people have the will to actually go for the higher purpose. Even taking the first step out of home, or riding alone for the first time to school or office can be one of them,” adds Ashish.

Ashish signs off with a message to our women readers, “You are the source of life and being on this planet, what more proof do you need, trust your powers- it’s you who have contained and restricted yourself, and not anyone else.”

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