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National Poetry Month- ‘Bondhu Tomaay’ by Lali Roy Chowdhury

Choto belar bondhu tumi
Chatti khani kotha!

Bondhu Tomaay

Choto belar bondhu tumi

Chatti khani kotha!

Tomaay khunje pete giye

Ghuri hetha – hotha

Tomar disha paoar pore

Swapno jeno ulto ghore

Ek lohomaay boyesh kome

Khushir pahar mone jome

Bhule gelaam onek kichu

Shorir moner byatha

Chotto belar bondhu tumi

Chatti khani kotha!

Chotto belar bondhu mane

Tiffin belar ghonta

Chotto belar bondhu mane

Putul biyer din ta

Lukiye khawa aam tentuler

Swoad aache jetha

Chotto belar bondhu tumi

Chatti khani kotha!

Moner majhe elo tufaa

Bhule jaoa purono gaan

Bondhu tumi phirle bole

Haazar khushir lohor dole

Mon chute jaay aam bagane

Kotoi smriti setha

Chotto belar bondhu tumi

Sobuj modhur kotha!!

Lali Roy Chowdhury, Mumbai
Lali Roy Chowdhury from Mumbai cherishes her childhood memories the most. Meeting an old friend after 30 years brought back fond nostalgic memories from her school days. From the excitement of the lunch break bell to the doll games they played, this Bengali poem is a trip down memory lane, reliving those fun days for Lali.

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