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National Poetry Month – ‘Life is a constant fight’ by Milind Pradhanani

Life is a constant fight

Sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s white

the term life is a constant fight

Sometimes it goes straight, sometimes it takes a turn

if this moment is sad, the next could be fun

Sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it rains

the thing that heals you also gives you pain

It makes you happy, it makes you sad

no one can perfectly say if it’s good or bad

Sometimes you fall down, sometimes you reach heights

many times it makes your position tight

So whenever you feel gloomy with nothing in sight

just remember a bright day comes after every dark night

So get up now and grab your bite

winning might not be always your right

As sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s white

the term life is a constant fight.

Milind Pradhanani

‘Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans’ quotes John Lennon. When it comes to describing what life is, there are several thoughts that run through our minds depending on our experiences. While for some life is a bane, for others it is a blessing.

Milind Pradhanani, Director at Phi Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd, shares his views through his poetry, telling us how every individual’s life goes through ups and downs. The cycle of good and bad, ups and downs is always constant which gives us various experiences. And no matter what happens, we should inspire ourselves and never give up in life.

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