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National Poetry Month- ‘Happiness is’ by Aditi Makim

Happiness is…


Happiness is not a destination,

Happiness is not a journey,

Happiness is not a decision,

Happiness is a realisation,

That no matter what happens,

Ups or downs, likes or dislikes,

Happiness is a response that arises,

When equanimity apprises,

The mind, the heart and the body.


Happiness is not ecstasy,

Happiness is not ignorance,

Happiness is not oblivion,

Happiness is not living in your own world,

Happiness is a gift of the present,

Happiness is now, not how,

Happiness is awareness of the truth as it is,

Happiness is a joy manifold, in giving and not getting,

Happiness is in good deeds done in compassionate love,

Happiness is all-embracing, all-encompassing,

Happiness is a smile spreading across all planes of existence.

Happiness is. Happiness is. Happiness is.

Aditi Makim. Mumbai

Aditi Makim a Mumbai based mother, screenwriter and filmmaker shares a beautiful poem on happiness. She is also a poet, actress and a storyteller. Through her poem, Aditi outlines and expresses her views on happiness which is a state of mind and not a destination.

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