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The lunchbox – a treasure trove of memories & love

Text by Nandini Chaturvedi, Student, Chennai

2nd Runners Up Prize Winner of the Memories in a Dabba Contest sponsored by Ektra Superware Fine Dining. To purchase one of these gorgeous kitchenware from Ektra Superware Fine Dining, contact Area Manager, Siddhi Padgaonkar using this link.

Memories are an integral part that our brain that stores information without modifying them and when we look back in time those memories can be felt fresh, true and still alive. With every memory some incident, some special moment may be special people are related. Our brain has a special memory centre which keeps every memory even the faint ones.

Similarly, we all have a special memory attached to our school dabbas. I’m sure those lunch boxes would be over before lunch break especially when something special is in store. Class 10th, 11th and 12th the most special dabba was mummy ke haathh ki pao bhaji. A date used to be fixed, pao bhaji on order and mom would rush to the market to buy paos to be packed in the dabba next morning.

Runners Up Prizes_Checks Mini (Rs. 550 each) from Ektra Superware Fine Dining
Runners Up Prizes_Checks Mini (Rs. 550 each) from Ektra Superware Fine Dining

On entering the campus nobody would ask what you did last night the only question that they’ll ask is “Whether you got pao bhaji or not?” The clock ticked 11.30 and all eyes on the bag. Just as I used to put the box on the table and within 5 minutes it used to finish. Not even a particle of food left behind. Those flavours, each and every ingredient would make my papillae go gaga.

Nandini Chaturvedi, Chennai
Nandini Chaturvedi, Chennai

The odour activated my olfactory receptors and then touched the soul deep within. Thanks maa for always packing my dabba and making it so special with the garnishing of your love. And guys I miss the way we used to pounce on that tiffin box and bolted it. Memories were fresh and intact.

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