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8 Reasons why a Wedding Gift Registry is a wise choice

Plan your wedding, your way
Plan your wedding, your way

Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings take place on earth. And while every couple dreams of having the most perfect wedding, doing it with a sense of responsibility and social consciousness can add so much more meaning to the celebration.

This becomes even more relevant with millennials, a generation that is known to take charge and plan, execute as well as pay for their wedding themselves! And juggling the cost and time demands of planning a wedding along with a hectic job means they want the most effective solutions to any issues they face. Further, this is a generation that does not believe in waste, and neither are they fans of hoarding. And all of these reasons is why the concept of a Wedding Gift Registry has become the hottest new wedding trend.

A gift registry is a service where the couple can choose the gifts they want to receive on their big day, and guests can buy or contribute towards anything on this list. If you’re about to tie the knot anytime soon and are looking for something that is stress-free, waste-free and hands-free, try a Wedding Gift Registry from The Wedding Wishlist. Here are a few reasons why it will work for you

1. Cost-effective

Weddings are a costly affair. It can bog down a couple if the expenses shoot up. This is where a Wedding Registry comes to the rescue. The couple can add the gifts they want to start their new life with on their registry and guests can buy or contribute towards these gifts. It saves the couple the time and money needed to buy these things themselves.

Shreya and Praveen - Photo courtesy: The Wedding Wishlist
Shreya and Praveen – Photo courtesy: The Wedding Wishlist

2. Spreading the love

Costs don’t always have to be in monetary terms, it also means being socially and environmentally conscious. And with a platform like the Wedding Wishlist, young Indian couples have the flexibility and liberty to opt for simple, cost-effective weddings that don’t hurt the heart and the pocket. For instance, a Chennai based couple Shreya and Praveen chose to have a socially conscious wedding. They signed up with Wedding Wishlist to forgo gifts and instead asked their guests to contribute to a charity of their choice. The couple raised an amount of almost ₹50,000 for Maithree, an association of parents of exceptional children with special needs, which they support. Isn’t this such a beautiful way to celebrate one’s special day!

Anvith and Deepika
Anvith and Deepika – Photo courtesy: The Wedding Wishlist

3. Ask what you need

Ask and you shall receive. There’s a lot of truth in this statement, isn’t it? A Wedding Registry allows you to ask your loved ones to give/ contribute to gifts, holidays or charities that you would actually want to start life with, without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

“While some did not understand, others were very intrigued as to how a wedding gift registry worked. We were pleasantly surprised, when some guests were downright impressed and wished they had the same thing when they got married!” smiles Bangalore based Deepika, who recently tied the knot on 26th November 2018 with Anvith K.S. Both being computer professionals in their 30s instantly liked the idea when one of their friends Sudeeptha and Vishnu Rao, used the services of Wedding Wishlist for their wedding.

4. Works both ways

It takes a huge load off the guests and family members of the bride and groom when it comes to gifting. Understandably enough, everyone would have budget or time constraints. For instance, if a guest who would have loved to attend the wedding in person but could not due to various reasons, can pick a gift that the couple actually wants from the wedding registry. What makes this service unique is that the guests can contribute to a gift/ charitable cause as chosen by the couple based on an amount they’re comfortable with.

5. Create your personal wedding website

“I am a web developer and usually can produce such websites in about a few hours, but when such a service is available which integrates Gift Registry, RSVP and also all the relevant information easily I would definitely go with this option,” smiles Anvith. The Wedding Wishlist offers an exclusive free service called the Wedding Website, where newlyweds can share snippets of their love story in an elegant customized webpage; with the best part being it allows them to incorporate their gift registry in it.

6. Helpful apps

The Wedding Wishlist understands that it is your special day and wants to by every means give you the maximum support it can. Couples don’t have to fret over RSVPs, hotels, transport anymore. The Wedding Wishlist’s Guested Planning App takes the load off the logistics.  

“With all the various tasks on hand and our regular jobs in the day, it was very challenging to keep sending the same information over and over again. It made sense to keep the relevant information in one place and have people look it up,” explains Deepika.

Shubha and Arvind. Photo courtesy: The Wedding Wishlist
Shubha and Arvind. Photo courtesy: The Wedding Wishlist

7. Go paperless

For Shubha and Arvind, a lawyer duo who recently tied the knot, the Wedding Wishlist proved to be a huge blessing. The couple decided to go paperless for their wedding by sending e-invites to their guests through the Wedding Wishlist. This not only helped reduce their costs involved, reduce wastage of precious paper, but also saved them the precious time which they could now focus on enjoying their own wedding. Further, they could link their registry to their e-invite, making the entire process easy for the guests.

8. One-stop-Shop Solution

Looking for a pre-wedding video? Mehendi artist? A theme for the Sangeet? Or a makeup artist for the bride and the bridesmaids? Relax, you don’t have to go looking around for professionals scattered across the market. By signing up with Wedding Wishlist, you can get them all under one roof.

If you’re planning to tie the knot anytime soon, sign up for a wedding registry like the Wedding Wishlist. As the newlyweds who signed up for the service put it, the Wedding Wishlist offers a hassle-free signup, on board personalised service with extremely helpful and supportive staff, top of the line quality of services and best of all, it’s FREE!

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