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Photo Write-Up Contest: Entry No. 12 – ‘Life and hope’

Our 12th Entry is by Prachi Randhawa from Bangalore. Prachi, we loved this photo that you sent us and the message of loving what you do for a living. There’s a lesson hidden in this photo and our SponPhoto by Prachi Randhawasor Ms Naina Dey really appreciated this photo for the same reason.

Here’s her entry on the photo she sent to us for the contest.

Life and hope – byPrachi Randhawa

This is the picture of a street performer from Perth, Australia. He is a Gunnies Book of Record holder and yet he performs each day on streets of free mantle with energy and enthusiasm….living a life he loves.

You achieve a big dream and then conquer small joys each day by putting smiles on faces.

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