Photo Write-Up Contest – Entry No. 13 – ‘Me And My Mom’

Photo Writeup contest Entry No. 13 - Peeyush VibhandikHere’s our 13th entry to the Photo-WriteUp Contest by Peeyush Vibhandik, from Nashik.

He shares a little poem that he’s written for his mom, thank you Peeyush for this wonderful little peice.

We look forward to your participation in our future contests and promotional events.

Wish you all the very best and never stop writing! 🙂

 ‘Me And My Mom’ – by Peeyush Vibhandik

This photo is most touching and it’s everything for me. A memoryful photo of me and my mom.

It Is Touching As My Mom Is Loving Thoughtful Caring Kind Is What My Mother Is.

Her Love Is Comforting Like A Icecream.

She Has Been, And Continue To Be, The Most Perfect Mother For Me

For The Past 19 Years My Amazing Mother Has Supported Me…..

* She Is The One Who Has There For My First Steps

She Hugs Me Every Night Before Sending Off To Bed

She Was There, When I Am So Nervous To Begin My School

She Makes My Life Just By Being Part Of It

She Makes Me Laugh Until I Can’t Stop

She Makes Me Believe That There Really Is Good In The World

She Convinces Me That There Is Unlocked Door Just Waiting For Me To Open It

She Guides And Cheer Me On If I Lose My Way

She Holds My Hand And Tells Me That Everything Is Going To Be Okay

She Is The One Who Will Be There To Drive Me To Hospital When I Was Ill

She Works Countless Hours Just To Give Me Happy Life

She Calls Up Me Just To Ask If I Am Alright

She Is The Only One Who Always Be Best In My Eyes

There Are Million More Things I Could Say…

I Guess I Would Probably Sum It Up In One Sentence.

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