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The beauty of Kanha National Park

As a planet, we’re facing a lot of instabilities in the environment right from irregular/ untimely rainfall, extreme temperatures, flooding, drought and other vagaries of climate change. In such alarming times whatever we can do to conserve our natural resources, sources of energy and our forests no matter how humble the efforts are should be encouraged.

Since my childhood, I’ve listened to several Jim Corbett stories read to us by my father, a nature lover himself who firmly believes and supports nature and environmental causes and conservation.

It is owing to his love for nature that I’ve learnt to love and admire nature too; and as a result I’ve always looked forward to a trip to a reserve forest to just allow its essence to seep into my soul by simply breathing in the tranquil fresh air that’s so hard to find in the urban areas.

After having been to Hazaribag, Sunderbans, Bandipur, Periyar, Eravikulam and Mudumalai, I’m always keen on visiting more reserve forests in the country.

One of the forests reserves that I am keen on visiting in India next is the Kanha National Park for its beauty and wildlife and know more about the commendable efforts in nature conservation by the Singinawa Forest Lodge.

Men at work from Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Singinawa Conservation Foundation

Singinawa lives up to its name which means ‘Protectors of the Sacred Forest’ – which took under its wing almost 58 acres of degraded jungle with barely 60 trees holding on to their roots. With their undeterred efforts of fencing and protecting the region, the once written off areas at the Kanha National Park is now blooming with the beautiful Sal trees offering new hopes to the dwindling environment.

Tulika Kedia, MD of Singinawa Jungle Lodge has always believed that nature is not an inheritance from our forefathers but a gift and a responsibility to the generations to come. An arduous advocate of a harmonious relationship between humans and the world it inhabits, Tulika has invested her heart and soul into Singinawa because of her belief that the way we treat our flora and fauna is a reflection of our sense of respect for the miracle of creation itself.

In 2015 under the Singinawa Conservation Foundation over 30,000 indigenous saplings that were planted in the area has helped recreate the jungle which has now has expanded the lush greenery into almost 110 acres.

One of the most innovative ideas that Singinawa Jungle Lodge encourage their guests is to plant saplings during their stay; this one tiny step goes a long way to helping to conserve our natural environment and this has made me more excited about my trip there.

As a visitor to Singinawa, you can also choose to sponsor plantation drives that are regularly carried out by the forest lodge during the monsoons in the neighbouring villages in the Buffer Zone.

A prized view at the Kanha National Park

The Wildlife at Singinawa Forest Lodge

Camera trap images show stunning images of tigers, swamp deer, porcupines, wild boars, leopards and foxes living in abundance at the Kanha National Park. With their constant efforts of partnering with NGOs such as the Wildlife SOS, Singinawa Forest Lodge have battled deadly domestic dog diseases such as Distemper, Rabies, Mange and Parvo Virus that can pass on to the wild animals and harm them as well.

Their untiring efforts have also helped in curbing poaching and keeping the fragile ecosystem clean, plastic free and pollution free which has helped in an abundance of flora and fauna at the Kanha National Park.

If you’re wondering how you can do your bit for the environment, well if you plan on a trip to Singinawa Jungle Lodge, you too as a visitor can take part in their nature conservation activities and do your bit for the fragile ecosystem.

Until then, just do your bit to keep your home, neighbourhood, city and country clean and not waste our precious resources (especially water) and do you bit for the environment.

Striking the fine balance between man & nature – Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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