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Welcome to Happiness! Desi Deli is here :)
Welcome to Happiness! Desi Deli is here 🙂

This is one fun café that we’re sure is going to change the way you look at going out for fast food. Right from the menu and the ambience, Desi Deli promises some unique Indo-Western fusion cuisine that are crafted in style to make you want to come back for more.

Their menu on offer has been revamped to give a desi twist to international cuisines, and care has been taken to give you a taste of some fine dining menu at affordable pricing.

After the success of their flagship café in Bandra, the owners of Desi Deli – Lolita Sarkar and Amitabh Sinha have decided to spread their wings and bring their creative foods to Andheri at Oshiwara.

Delicious Lamb Burg on a Plate
Delicious Lamb Burg on a Plate

So we settled down in a hot summer evening with a pint of Basil Orange Limeade and that was the perfect companion for a humid Mumbai weather. Our refreshing mocktail was followed a Burg in a Plate – a juicy lamb patty served with some greens, pickled veggies, chopped apples and fried onion topping.

I’m not a big fan of burgers but this was one dish that I truly enjoyed because the burger came on a plate (you also have a choice of having a Burg in a bowl), without the buns – it’s like coming straight to the point, and not wasting your time on chewing through slices of bun. In short, this is a meat lover’s dish.

The rose tinted Creme Brulee
The rose tinted Creme Brulee

Finally we ended our meal with a delightful bowl of Desi Crème Brulee with a hint of gulkand and garnished with dried rose petals. It’s not overpoweringly sweet and you’ll love chiselling your way through the golden crisp crust and digging into the soft brulee while you allow the tastebuds to do the work.

What I liked about their menu is that they have some really interesting combinations that you would not have seen anywhere else before. Their menu is superbly fun to read, starting with Amar, Akbar and Anthony – with vegetarian and non-vegetarian sausages served with House Desi Salads. There’s a Globetrotters section with a Goan, Texan and Venetian menu with a Desi twist. Choose from their delicious options from Sidekicks, Burgs, Entrees and Chaa that are friendly on your tummy and your pocket too.

Fun times at Desi Deli
Fun times at Desi Deli

Another thing I liked being a Bengali is the novel twist to our cuisine starting with Shorshe *Shrooms – that is Mushrooms in Bengali Mustard, Ghugni Souk – a pea curry served with a Moroccan coriander couscous and the one dish I want to go back to Desi Deli to try is the Desi Chicken Shtoo – a chicken and vegetable stew served with a pao.

I told you, you’ll want to go back for more.


Desi Deli

Plot 480, Adarsh Nagar,

MHADA Layout, Oshiwara,

Andheri West


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Happy to be here at Desi Deli
Happy to be here at Desi Deli

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