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Pat On Our Back – Testimonial time for The Lifestyle Portal

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The best encouragement one gets is when their work is appreciated. The Lifestyle Portal is all set to complete 7 years on 11th February, and here’s something that has kept us going even through challenges.

The happiness and gratitude of our clients and readers is a huge source of encouragement. We thank all our readers, clients, friends, family and well-wishers who have been a part of our journey. A big thank you to everyone!

Sharing with you some testimonials we’ve received which have made our 7th birthday truly special:

Sanjay Mukherjee

SANJAY MUKHERJEE,  Learning Consultant, Business Consultant, and an Independent Journalist, Pune

15 new clients, 33 new entrepreneur profiles, 2 new revenue streams, 28% of revenue from the new revenue streams, doubling employee base, creating a new network of writers, 20% increase in profiling entrepreneurs and new businesses … that’s a very impressive list of reasons for celebrating an anniversary, something any business owner would be proud of.

And it is all the more credible because Tanya Munshi did it all on her own with great support from her clients, friends, well-wishers, and family. Congratulations #TheLifestylePortal and best wishes for steady growth and continued progress in the coming year as well.

Neelanjana Choudhury


“These seven years of The Lifestyle Portal have touched upon the various aspects of life akin to the seven vibrant colours of the rainbow. Be it parenting tips, shopping hotspots, yum recipes, intro to budding entrepreneurs, happy hours with little ones, the list goes on…my all-time favourite being the beautiful travelogues.

I have witnessed the tiny sapling transform into a beautiful plant and being nurtured lovingly to spread even further.

Congratulations and all the best to TLP and its team.  Keep it up!”

Sarla Minni, Co-Founder of Kahaniwali Naani.

SARLA MINNI, Co-Founder- Kahaniwali Nani, Bangalore

Heartiest congratulations on completing 7 years of your amazing journey.

I had started broadcasting stories in March 2017 and you were the first one to recognise and appreciate our initiative and provide me with a platform in June 2017. Though many more followed from all parts of the world, your article continues to be very close to my heart. It describes our initiative in the most simple and elegant manner. You were also very cooperative when changes needed to be made.

It provided me with loads of new subscribers and most importantly pumped confidence in me that I could do this.

Today, Kahaniwali Nani successfully runs channels on Telegram App and YouTube. I would like to attribute a big part of my success to you. Thanks once again and wish you good luck. May you continue to charge and change lives as you did for me. God bless you.

Dr. Nita Jagad

DR. NITA JAGAD, Senior Paediatrician, Mumbai

The Lifestyle Portal is a great platform for expressing one’s creativity and writing skills. I love to read articles on travel, cooking, food, healthcare, parenting and new ‘out of the box ideas’ by start-ups and entrepreneurs. The founder of  The Lifestyle Portal – Tanya Munshi is a dynamic personality I wish The Lifestyle Portal a very happy seventh birthday and a great success in years to come. Continue to help people feature themselves and keep up the great work. I am sure the duo will take The Lifestyle Portal to great heights and make a mark.  All the best!

Dr. Naina Dey

DR. NAINA DEY, Author, Kolkata

I wholeheartedly congratulate The Lifestyle Portal on its 7th anniversary of showcasing dreams-come-true. The Lifestyle Portal is not just a site that promotes new entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals, but it is also a glowing example of how a lone individual can tirelessly devote herself to spreading bonhomie in a lopsided world while inspiring people to a better quality of life. The Portal’s motto – Eat. Travel. Laugh. Share. Live – promises you more out of life that you ever imagined possible. Kudos!

Prachi Kesarwani – Founder Imaginesta

PRACHI KESARWANI, Founder, Imaginesta

Tanya is a super cooperative person and goes out of the way to meet the client requirements. She ensures that commitments are delivered in the right manner. A true professional, a good writer and a lovely person by heart. Looking forward to many such professional interactions soon.

SHERNA KHAMBATTA, Founder- Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency, Mumbai

May you continue on this wonderful journey – travelling, eating, laughing and above all bringing joy wherever you go.

Merril Diniz

MERRIL DINIZ, Writer, Content Strategist & Communications Lead at SHEROES, the women’s community platform

I got to know Tanya when she was still a cub writer looking to find her niche. She’s always been passionate about seeking out unique voices in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty space, voices that are creating more value through their brands. Many of these belong to women. We need more such platforms recognising good work. Thanks Tanya for curating this one with such love and care.

Dr. Sunita Rajani – our first student at The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program

DR. SUNITA RAJANI, Paediatrician, Paediatric Gastroenterology in London

I was introduced to The Lifestyle Portal last year and was quiet impressed by it. The content is varied and interesting. Loved the topics chosen for parenting as social media is a very influential platform in today’s era. The fact that The Lifestyle Portal brings to notice varied and interesting things people do which are unheard of is quiet commendable.

Also, earlier, I was always petrified of writing but through Tanya, I overcame that. I loved the Online Writing Program that I did with Tanya. I found the writing program very useful and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in writing but doesn’t know where to start.

Happy Birthday!!
Looking forward to writing more…..
Anusmitta Dutta

ANUSMITTA DUTTA, Freelance writer, Business owner at Speak English Tutoria, Mumbai

I got to know about The Lifestyle Portal through a common friend Tanya and I have. It was related to a ‘restaurant review ‘write-up that I was doing at that time. I am glad I found the portal as it covers all the interesting areas I  generally like to browse the internet- like food, parenting, pep-talk and travel to name a few. I also look forward to reading about the profiles of different entrepreneurs and start-ups which is also the main idea behind the portal. I think it’s a great platform for budding entrepreneurs to get themselves known to the world at large. The stories are especially inspiring and heart-warming for someone like me who is trying to establish her own business at the moment.

I wish The Lifestyle Portal a great future ahead. May you continue to inspire and delight us ☺.

Pallavi Mehta, Radio Artist

PALLAVI NAGAR MEHTA, Educationist, Anchor, Radio artist and Google Local guide, Mumbai

I love to read your articles and features. The way you present and express their true quality is impressive. I like to read features on different personalities from different fields –It all looks so interesting and beautiful. The Lifestyle Portal gives us variety and unfolds the world in front of our eyes. Bravo! Wish you all the luck and charm to go many more miles.

Anirban Dey Choudhury


Dear Tanya and the TLS team,

A happy 7th to you. May you keep growing over the years, always maturing but never aging. Keep churning out good and varied content.

As a reader and occasional contributor [2 articles and 1 photography contest submission in the last 6 years], I wish to see the flag of TLS fluttering high up, so my dear friend Tanya’s backbreaking work behind her chronologically-first baby pays off.

All the best and all my love and good wishes.

Apoorva Mairal, Founder The Sweet Store


Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day to The Lifestyle Portal. I have a very special bond with Tanya Munshi, she is one of my inspirations and I really look up to her. She has always guided and supported me whenever I needed her. She has contributed a lot to the success of my startup brand The SWEET STORE. Thank you so much, Tanya Didi, for all those little advice and tips that you give me every now n then. Thank you for the amazing photoshoots we did together. Your journey is truly incredible and inspirational. I have seen your dedication and hard work through all these years.You have given a huge platform to many entrepreneurs to showcase their talent (also me).

Thank God that you are my neighbour.🤗  I once again thank you for the support and also congratulations on completing 7 successful years of The Lifestyle Portal.

And on behalf of the team at The Lifestyle Portal, we are truly humbled and grateful. 

The Lifestyle Portal

Tanya is a graduate in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, a post-graduate in Communications and Media from SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and holds a Master's Degree in Journalis & Mass Communications from Chandigarh University. A former writing mentor and a seasoned lifestyle writer, Tanya writes columns on The Lifestyle Portal of life and living.

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