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Homepreneur – what makes us so successful: Nutriplate, India

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to present our next Guest Speaker, Iksheta Tewari, Co-Founder of Nutriplate, India, Lucknow. Book your seats for Northern Lights, E-Square on 23rd November 2019 for our 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup in Pune to hear her speak and get to know about how to overcome challenges while running your own enterprise. 

Nutriplate is a health food startup that offers tasty, nutritious meals so consumers don’t have to associate health with boring food anymore. We focus on natural foods that are easily absorbed by the body and have lower side-effects. Our products are calorie-counted and home-made with no added preservatives/chemicals.

According to reports, India’s meal patterns suggest that breakfast and evening snacks are the unhealthiest meals of the day. More calories are being consumed now than 50 years ago. Sedentary lifestyles and high fast food consumption have increased health issues and lifestyle-related diseases. Convenience, variety, low price and taste have also added to the high rate of fast food consumption. Nutriplate India’s product line is developed through researching the genesis of lifestyle diseases that are a result of bad food habits and sedentary lifestyles. We try to correct these through our food products, that are developed and manufactured with utmost hygiene using natural ingredients. We offer a variety of tasty, nutritious products that are affordable and available pan-India across multiple platforms. Our two business verticals include:

Range of healthy snacks, breakfast cereals and protein powders available on Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket across India
Ready-to-eat meals available on Swiggy and Zomato in Lucknow

Guest Speaker: Shaloo Tewari, Founder, Nutriplate India, Lucknow.

Shaloo Tiware, Co-Founder, Nutriplate India, Lucknow.
Shaloo Tiware, Co-Founder, Nutriplate India, Lucknow.

April 30, 1992 – At 26, with a degree in law, I was getting ready for, as some would call it, the biggest day of my life. My husband, then fiancée, had left his house with the baraat and it was only hours before I would be officially called, Mrs. Shaloo Tewari. Little did I know that this new chapter in my life would turn me into an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to 1995, I was solely running Lucknow’s first and largest computer institute. My husband and father-in-law were the support system that I always needed and were always there to help me believe in myself. Time flew and my work became a part of my daily routine. Almost a decade later, we shut down the institute and the routine was broken. Just when I thought I could finally have relaxing afternoons, my brain started speeding to figure out the next business model. That’s when I realized my entrepreneurial spirit. Trust me, there was no looking back. Today, I am a proud owner of a health food startup, Nutriplate.

I had a vision – to make India healthier and a family – the catalyst to change the vision into a reality. With these two things, we started Nutriplate in 2018. Now present pan – India, we are a health food startup that aims to provide you with healthy, wholesome and home-made breakfast cereals, mid-meal snacks and protein powders among other products.

Started in my house in Lucknow, we run out of our kitchen with the constant support of my husband. Today, we are present in all the major cities in the country and aim to achieve more. Amid these developments, I stopped to think the reason why Nutriplate was special and it turned out to be the fact that it is being run from my home.

Nutriplate, India, Lucknow
Nutriplate, India, Lucknow

1. Family Support – Homepreneurship has given me the opportunity to work on my company without having to sacrifice my family time. Moreover, the constant support from my family has been extremely helpful to push myself and meet deadlines.

2. Monetary Support – It has been a monetary bliss. The biggest problem that startups face these days are related to money, whether it is renting an area or setting up a physical store. New business comes with additional expenditure that you can cut down on if you are running your office from your home.

3. Better management and hygiene standards – Moreover, home offices mean a smaller team of workers working closely with the aim of meeting customer demands on time. It is always easier to manage a small team and you will find yourself being more in control of the overall production and operations. It is also a lot easier to maintain hygiene standards, especially if you are in the food sector. A new restaurant has to create a name for itself in the market by maintaining quality and hygiene. In the case of Nutriplate, we definitely felt that the hygiene standards that were followed at home were transitioned smoothly into the business as well making ‘absolute cleanliness’ the obvious choice for our chefs while preparing meals for our customers.

4. My Happy Place – Lastly and most importantly, irrespective of the workload, you are always ready to face challenges and win your daily battles because you are always in your comfort zone.

I am a successful entrepreneur, alongside being a wife and a mother. Being a homepreneur gives me the time to be with my family and realize that their faces are the constant motivation for me to do a good job, achieve bigger goals, make India healthier.

Iksheta Tiware, Co-Founder, Nutriplate India, Lucknow.
Iksheta Tiware, Co-Founder, Nutriplate India, Lucknow.

The Lifestyle Portal’s 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup, Pune: (For more details, click here)

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Topics to be covered at the meetup:
i) Top 5 Business Mistakes I made & the Lessons Learned.
ii) What does Environmental Sustainability & Entrepreneurship mean to me
iii) Homepreneurs – what makes us so successful

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