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Homepreneuers: What makes us so successful: Sunita Mundra

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to present our participant, Sunita Mundra, Founder of Muskan Collection, Mumbai. Book your seats for Northern Lights, E-Square on 23rd November 2019 for our 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup in Pune to hear her speak and get to know about how to overcome challenges while running your own enterprise. 

Muskan Collection, founded by Sunita Mundra specialises in Exclusive Collection of Dress Materials, Kurtis with Dupatta & Gowns, Garara-Sets /Plazzo-Sets/Pant-Sets, Regular & Casual Wear Kurtis and a variety of Dupattas /Bottom wear.

Sunita Mundra, Founder, Muskan Collection, Mumbai.

Suntia Mundra, Founder, Muskan Collection
Suntia Mundra, Founder, Muskan Collection

Homepreneur – a very pleasing description of myself after running a business filled with hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, planning and support from my family. I started this beautiful journey 5 years ago on the auspicious occasion of “Navratri”. There has been a lot of learning, excitement and recognition in this process. Below are some traits that made me successful as a “Homepreneur”.

1. Pursuing Dreams – Chasing opportunities

Starting a home-based business was not out of necessity but it was with a desire of pursuing an idea to do something meaningful as per my schedule and ensuring personal freedom. I grabbed all the opportunities and made the best use of it with the knowledge and skillsets I possessed. I have always stayed focused on my goals, been consistent in my efforts with determination to work harder and ensure that things get done timely and took take charge when necessary.

2. Own Boss – Accountability & Responsibility

There is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. I had to put an enormous amount of self-discipline to run a home-based business as there is no scope for slacking. I had to chalk out a daily schedule with a solid working hour, shoulder all responsibilities and be accountable for any hard decisions and stand by them.

With practise I realised that running a business, both online/managing events, one has to be on the toes constantly, responding to customer queries, ensuring availability of right stock, confirming orders, ensuring timely delivery & manage my finances optimally. There are no fixed working hours; we can’t shut shop at 6 pm and call it a day even if we are at home.

3. Connect with peers on various platforms – Social media/ Events

I understood that running a business cannot be a lonely affair. I have made the best use of various social networking platforms available like Facebook, WhatsApp, events, etc. I participate in various closed as well as open groups as participation in such groups help only open my mind and give me an opportunity to meet and interact with other bright young entrepreneurs.

Muskan Collection
Muskan Collection

4. Keep distance from people with negative thoughts

Unfortunately, there are people who discourage you from negativity and are never happy with whatever I achieved. I used to mow them down and stay away from them with an ‘I-don’t-care-what-you-say’ grin on my face as when you’re driven by passion, nothing can keep you down. So I used to forget these crabs in a bucket and go forth to achieve what I have set out to do!

5. Family Support System

I kept communication channels open with my family members so that they don’t end up feeling neglected. I have always discussed with my family about how my business is progressing. Instead of cutting them out and demanding my own space, I have involved them in your business.

With the above traits, I am able to efficiently manage & have a perfect balance between my family, business, customers, vendors and my social life.

The Lifestyle Portal’s 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup, Pune: (For more details, click here)

Venue: E-Square
Timing: 10am – 5:30pm
For Bookings: Email us at contact@tanyamunshi.com

Topics to be covered at the meetup:
i) Top 5 Business Mistakes I made & the Lessons Learned.
ii) What does Environmental Sustainability & Entrepreneurship mean to me
iii) Homepreneurs – what makes us so successful

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