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Bottle art by Pyjama Party
Photo Courtesy – Pyjama Party

We have a weakness for all owl and elephant design curios and cloth prints. We’re also very fond of quirky art and when we had been out for lunch to the famous Mexican restaurant Uba Tuba in Bandra for the first time, the striking bottle art (especially the owl one) caught our attention. We asked them who made them and they told us it is done by Rithika Kumar the founder of Pyjama Party.

That’s it, the images stayed in our memories and we even instagramed and tweeted it on our official social networking handles and we just HAD to find out who this talented girl is and what Pyjama Party is all about.

So here we are with our latest feature on Pyjama Party, started by Mumbai-based Rithika who used to be an advertising strategy planner and now is this brilliant artist for over six years

Here’s her story about her journey from advertising to starting the very fun, colourful and creative Pyjama Party.

Artist Rithika Kumar at work
Founder of Pyjama Party – Artist Rithika Kumar at work

How did it all begin?

“Starting my own line of art decor products was always in the back alleys of my mind, it almost caught me unawares when I realised the designs I painted for myself and friends were liked by a much larger audience,” recalls Rithika.

Coming from a very talented family of artists where art, music and culture have almost been a constant feature at home during her growing up years, Rithika feels that in hindsight all of these influences, encouragement and exposure to creative fields gave her the nudge and confidence to start her own art studio.

So armed with a humble investment amount, she launched Pyjama Party that over the years has found its way to the nooks and crannies of India, as well as in homes and stores abroad.


Pyjama Party is a fun brand, where all the products she creates are quirky, colourful and have a whimsical and eclectic feel to them. She further adds, “I decided on the name Pyjama Party, since it captures a fun time growing up and from a marketing or advertising is a stick name that elicits some curiosity.”

Kettle Art by Pyjama Party
Kettle Art by Pyjama Party


Creativity though fun and personally very rewarding does come with its own share of challenges and as Rithika explains, “For any creative person or an easily distracted person, one of the biggest challenges faced, is dedicating a fixed set of hours to working on your art, and over the years I’ve been able to draw a good balance and I make sure that I work on not just the orders I get, but also make time for my own personal projects and other interests.”

What makes Pyjama Party so unique?

For Rithika one of the biggest differentiators between Pyjama Party and other similar brands is the need to create unique designs. Personally for her she doesn’t believe in using stencils or other shortcuts just to sell more products. Every design from the Pyjama Party portfolio is hand-drawn and therefore no two products look alike. “I do believe the devil is in the detail and all of my designs have a lot of intricate detailing which has taken years of practice to achieve,” smiles Rithika.

All Pyjama Party products are made to order where Rithika also works on certain customised designs for customers who want personalised messages or motifs on the products.

She further adds, “I have online shops on multiple platforms and get a steady stream of orders every month. I also believe if you are an artist communicating the backstory or inspiration behind a product is of uttermost importance and leverage social media websites and my blog to do the same.”

Artwork by Rithika, Pyjama Party
Gorgeous artwork by Rithika, Founder of Pyjama Party

Products & Price Range

Pyjama Party has a range of hand-painted kettles, quirky kitsch cutting chai sets, Upcycled bottles and bottle planters, storage boxes, dhobi bat art, canvas paintings, hand-painted shoes, ceramic coffee mugs, coasters and colourful notebooks. Their prices range from Rs.350 – Rs. 4,500/- making sure they have a product for every budget.

From start to finish

“There’s quite a lot of effort that goes into sourcing the base materials for all Pyjama Party products, as I normally work on a two day production time frame once an order is placed, but for bulk order the production time is shorter since I work on multiple pieces at a time,” explains Rithika.

For instance, a Limited Edition kettle would take two days to complete, after the multiple layers of paint are applied and only after each layer is completely dry she starts the detailing work on the kettle.

Personally Rithika loves working on customised pieces as it’s a challenge to understand fully what the customer wants and then hope to translate that into a piece of art that best reflects their style and brief.

She further adds, “Customised pieces hold a place in my heart, for one I respect the feelings and effort a person takes to create a personalised piece and also every customised piece allows you be a part of someone life in a very personal and creative way.”


The journey so far…

Rithika concludes, “The journey has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and I’ve learnt so much not just about art and retail but about myself through my art. I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of working with some delightfully creative minds both in India and abroad which had definitely made it an enriching experience. Plans for Pyjama Party essentially involve painting more, collaborating with like-minded people and experimenting with new styles, new markets and new products.”

And we at The Lifestyle Portal are going to eagerly look forward to her brilliant collection jazzing up home, office and other retail spaces.

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