Kid’s Menu: Cheesy Chicken Rolls

Parents complaining that their kids don’t help around in the house much, don’t set the dining table for a meal, clean up after that, make their own beds – let alone finish their homework without being told is passe. These days kids are Cheesey bread rolls_by arnav munshigradually becoming more focussed as they are clear as to what they want out of life and are being more helpful in the house.

It is a pleasure to see that the sons are taking an interest in cooking and at least preparing tea for their mums or cooking up a snack when they’re hungry. This is a good sign!

In fact, their pass times are a little different too, so apart from all the video games, iPads and gadgets that you may see them play around with, kids these days have taken to different kinds of hobbies and interests apart from dancing and singing.

Here’s one such kid, a 16-year-old from Dubai, who prepared this brilliant snack for his grandparents and they were completly floored with this delicious snack.

He loves watching FoodNetwork and FoxTraveller and created a recipe which he calls ‘Cheezy Chicken Rolls’.

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to introduce to you Arnav Munshi (who has been a book reviewer with us before) with this quick, simple and yummy recipe in his own words.

So the next time your son or daugther wants to make something in the kitchen, allow them with your supervision and guidance of course.

Cooking is a matter of survival and is not a chore. It is an art, a skill and it’s a blessing if our sons and daughters know this art. Cooking is humbling, it is satisfying and enjoyable and teaching our sons to cook is not embarassing, it is one step towards gender sensitization as well.

So mommies out there who fret over a kiddie menu for an evening snack, here’s Chef Arnav Munshi’s simple recipe to your rescue. 😀

~ Cheesy Chicken Rolls ~ by Arnav Munshi

  1. So first you take a place of bread (your choice but preferably white). Then you take a rolling pin and roll the bread until it becomes as flat as a chapati.
  2. After that put a slice of cheese on the bread and roll the bread tightly. Then you need to heat a pan and apply generous amounts of butter (even ghee will do).
  3. Then you flip the flattened bread until both sides turn a crisp brownish gold.
  4. Add a sauted saussage or salami in it for a filling. If you’re a vegetarian you can add sauted chopped paneer or soya chunks as fillings.
  5. To compliment the bread add chili mayo and honey mustard and mix them (amounts can depend upon number of rolls or how much sauce you want).
  6. Another item to go with it is tomato soup with a sprig of basil.
  7. You can also add salami slices and some spice mix along with the cheese to zing it up.

I think since I watch stuff about food my mind might have got inspired by all of that creativity and all those recipes 😉

Share your child’s recipe with us:

You kid loves to cook? Why don’t you share his/ her recipe with us? Send us a nice picture of your child in the kitchen preparing their favourite dish along with the recipe and we’ll be happy to publish it.

In case they have taken a recipe from a cookery program or book, please do mention the source as well. Also kindly send us a picture of the final dish too.

Write to us at with a little note about your child as to how he/she got introduced to cooking. We look forward to hearing from you.

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