Chaayos, Bandra – Review

Welcome to Chaayos
Welcome to Chaayos

After High on Tea, I’ve found another place to go for my chai fix and that is Chaayos in Bandra. I like Chaayos mainly because it is a spacious tea cafe that offers a wide range of desi chais, classic and speciality teas. 

They have a patio and an indoor air conditioned seating area with  a neat and crisp design and comfy seating which I really like, a combination that’s hard to find.

There are several branches of Chaayos apart from the one in Bandra, there’s one in Juhu and Worli as well. But I like the one in Bandra as it is a mid-way place to catch up with friends who live in other parts of the city.

During my earlier trips here, I’ve had their regular cutting chai after a hearty Mexican meal at Uba Tuba, but I keep falling in love with this place even more with every visit and now Chaayos is my favourite place to catch up for chit chat sessions and meetings for The Lifestyle Portal.

On a recent trip here for a meeting, I ordered an exotic Aam Papad Chai. Oh my, I loved the simple, soulful and the fragrant mango flavoured clear tea. The steam rising from the tea brought the soothing aroma of a ripe mango and memories of childhood where we would sit eating ‘Aam papad’ under the shade of a tree during our summer vacations.

Have seat and enjoy a cuppa at Chaayos
Have seat and enjoy a cuppa at Chaayos

Whoever would have thought to concoct such a brilliant combination – a tea with such fruity notes is simply brilliant! It was just the thing I needed for an 11am meeting after having Ubered it down from my home to Bandra in the Mumbai traffic, that too on a Monday morning.

The staff at Chaayos are helpful and cry out ‘Welcome to Chaayos!’ the moment you enter – just like the quintessential Indian chai wala who calls out ‘chai-chai’ when you embark on those long distance train journeys through India.

Tea drinking is a social phenomenon in our country – we like to relax with a cup of tea with friends, alone with a book, during a train journey or as a pit stop during a road trip. Tea drinking will always be a very integral part of our lives and that’s one of the things I liked Chaayos for – they’ve kept the essence of the true tea drinking spirit alive. Thank you Chaayos! 🙂

How to get there:

Next to Church, 86, Chapel Rd,
Reclamation, Bandra West,
Mumbai – 400050
Phone:022 3258 1234

Masala Chai on sale at Chaayos
Masala Chai on sale at Chaayos

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