The Biere Club – Craft Brewery & Kitchen Review

Welcome to The Biere Club
Welcome to The Biere Club

Bangalore is known for the numerous IT start-ups, beautiful weather, the greenery and its breweries. A visit to the Garden City to meet cousins and family involved a relaxing Sunday night dinner at one of the most happening breweries in town – the Biere Club who are known for their signature varieties of house beer.

Even if you’re not a beer or an alcohol drinker, dropping by at one of the breweries is still a good idea merely for the sheer experience of it. The ambience, the music, the food and one of the best things I liked about The Bier Club was it was a child friendly place, so the kids got to sit on their high chairs and enjoy mango juice and thin crust pizzas while the grown ups just relaxed over a refreshing pint of craft beers.

Sample the in house signature beers @ The Biere Club
Sample the in house signature beers @ The Biere Club

The beers

If you’re not sure from where and how to begin, we suggest you start with ‘Biere Tasting’ where their masterpiece flavours will be served to you in cutting chai tumblers. You get a sip of Larger, Stout, Ale, Wheat, Club Special and Seasonal – all for Rs. 40 for each. This is a great conversation starter and especially for beer virgins or booze virgins if there are any left in this world.

If you’ve never gone drinking before and want to start off, go with your family and friends and sip on these samplers to enjoy a variety of beer flavours to help you get started.

Plum glazed spicy and sweet Pork Chop @ The Biere Club


Visiting Bangalore all the way from Mumbai, and if I’m not going to eat there, that’s going to be such a waste of effort. So we ordered for a beautiful plate of plum glazed spicy and sweet Pork Chops (Rs. 480), a Chicken Maryland (Rs. 400) which was strictly okay, it was way to dry and bland and a robust and juicy Moroccon Lamb Burger (Rs. 450) that was perfectly combined with Ale and Wheat Beers (so healthy). 😉 Any reason to drink eh?

The kids had a merry time gobbling up a super delicious Tomato Mozzarella thin crust pizza (Rs. 360) which was more than enough for them, so we adults happily shared theirs too.

Enjoy a pitcher or a pint of beer @ The Biere Club

Ambience & Staff

The walls sport brilliant artwork resembling Mario Miranda’s at Café Mondegar’s in Mumbai or Froth on Top in Mangalore. The crowd here is a mix of young and old, toddlers and babies included who drink out of their baby bottles and plastic cups. 🙂

Beire Club has ample seating that’s designed for small groups, loners, couples and big party groups. There were so many families with kids and elderly people celebrating their 50th or 60th wedding anniversary – it was a happy place to be (with no pun intended).

What I liked about this place was that kids are allowed, so a lot of working couples with kids (who may not have an option for day care/ nanny) can also drop by for a drink and a meal. The staff were courteous and helpful in spite of a very busy Sunday night, they happily served us and our hungry playful children with food.

The Biere Club, Bangalore
The Biere Club, Bangalore

You can see the beer being poured out from the casks and served directly at the tables. If you’re having friends and families visiting from other parts of the country bring them here for a fun meal.

Since we were in a mood to drive around Bangalore late in the night, we had hired a driver from an agency, so while Radio Indigo played brilliant retro numbers from our school and college days we drove to Corner House, a very popular ice cream parlour where I treated the grown ups and kids to lots and lots of ice creams – the Dew Drop Sundae (Rs. 140) and HCF Regular (Rs. 120) – the generous bits of dry fruits over rich creamy scoops of ice cream was a perfect way to sign off a brilliant Sunday evening.

Vittal Mallya Rd,
Sampangi Rama Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone:+91 80 4212 4383

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