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Men’s take on Women’s Day – Osho Kalia

Here’s one of our final series for Women’s Day. The Lifestyle Portal in conversation with Osho Kalia, the co-founder at Geeli Mitti Foundation on how self-defense is important for women and how the strengths of a woman are so important for the world to flourish. 
Osho Kalia

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

According to Osho, celebrating women’s day is quite important because, for him, it is women who play the very important role of upbringing, educating and believing in him every single day. To add on, Osho says, “The internet data says more men commit suicide than women, have a shorter life expectancy, are more stressed and molested more than women. So I guess, celebrating Men’s Day can bring positivity to the community as a whole.”

Plans for women’s day

“We as an organisation have always delivered by reaching out to the women on and before woman’s day by teaching them basic self-defense techniques and same is planned for this year. We already have six workshops planned for this Women’s Day 2018,” says Osho.

What India must do for women

Osho suggests, “Education to men, respect to women is what I believe. I must say everyone especially women should learn basic self-defense techniques, subtle techniques which can make women tremendously strong.”

Failure/Success- who is responsible?

According to Osho, it is actually a woman’s dedication and her ability to think which is responsible for her success as well as failure. Men are always afraid of women because they know it is women who are the ones behind the birth of beings and this is where they are a step ahead of men. This is their power. This, Osho feels makes men trying to dominate over women. Men, according to Osho are responsible for a woman’s success or failure.

Women at work

Osho believes that the proverbial glass ceiling exists and it is actually a man who has created it. “Men have ruled over women for millennia. They have been given all the chances which women were deprived of. Things are now changing with education and awareness and it is now time to break the glass ceiling. It is time for women to take charge since there are lesser women entrepreneurs as compared to men entrepreneurs. A woman is more focused than a man. They are more serene, more silent and more patient. They have a different way of thinking and taking decisions than men which is important for any sector to grow”, says Osho.

Osho signs off by saying, “All women must learn some self-defense as it is the need of the hour. You need to be more powerful and have the ability to fight back and also help other women to bloom just like you.

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