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Shop Review: Creative Handicrafts – A Shop with a Soul

creative handicrafts store review by - tanya munshiThere was this handicrafts store that opened up several months ago in our neighbourhood. We’ve always been intrigued about the items on display as the name ‘handicraft’ was what attractive to us.

So The Lifestyle Portal is here to tell you about this social organization with a soul and lets you shop guilt free because when you buy something from here, you are making a difference to someone’s life in a meaningful way.

Creative Handicrafts is a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization and has been helping women from disadvantaged groups to become economically independent and self reliant through skills.

These skills that sometimes can go unnoticed in a highly commercial environment today is slowly and gradually finding its rightful place and we at The Lifestyle Portal are happy to share our shopping experiences with our readers.

Creative Handicrafts Store Review by Tanya MunshiWhen we stepped into the Creative Handicrafts store in Thakur Village, Kandivali Eastto shop for some friends, relatives and self and we were delighted to see the various handmade merchandise on sale.

The exhaustive list consisted of hand-stitched and hand-embroidered kitchen sets, iPad sleeves, file covers, cloth bags, dolls, stuffed toys, purses, pouches to gorgeous kurtas, handloom dupattas, dresses (ideal for maternity wear) and shirts and tops.

What melted our hearts was that every hand made product tag carried with it a little thank you note which read – ‘When you buy this hand made product of Creative Handicrafts you empower an underprivileged woman to make herself economically independent. Thank you for making our world a less unequal place.’ – beautiful, isn’t it?

Unfortunately not many people seem to drop by at this lovely store that’s home to some exquisite handmade traditional products with a modern touch.

Creative Handicrafts Store Review by Tanya MunshiFor instance, the iPad sleve has been made with block printed fabric which is quite unique.

Their products may not be the ‘in thing’ or may not fall into your category of being ‘hip’ but it certainly has a soul, depth and a story.

We couldn’t resist picking up a little hand stitched frock, it felt as though buying that little dress will in turn bless the little girl wearing it by the very hands who stitched the dress so lovingly.

We also picked up a stuffed handmade hen and a little handmade doll as it transported us back to our childhood days when as kids our demands were less and our mum would make these simple little dolls from spare fabric.

Creative Handicrafts Store Review - by Tanya MunshiThe best part about it all was when we showed the doll to our mum, she had tears in her eyes as it brought back fond memories from her childhood days when her grand mother would stitch her a doll with two pony tails.

So you see, sometimes it does help to take a little detour from the usual shopping hubs and drop by at a handicraft store as you never know what you may find and the best part being, you’re helping the indigenous art forms and our artisans to thrive and have a good livelihood.

This is one kind of Make in India movement that you can humbly take part by patronising your local art and craft.

Creative Handicrafts Address: Shop no 42. EMP no. 38 Uranus Co-op Hos. Soc Ltd, Evershine Millennium Paradise, Thakur Village, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101.
Phone:022 2886 7669
Hours: Open daily · 11:00 am – 8:30 pm (Mondays closed)

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