Mother’s Day Contest – 1st Runner Up – The Smile

Ms. Sarita Pandey takes home the 1st Runner Up prize for her write-up and photograph called – The Smile.

Sarita, we simply loved your interpretation – the power of a smile from your mum. We have a surprise for you. You get ‘a set of two “Fish” tea light candle votive priced at Rs. 350/- for a pair plus discounts on all Arcsun Art’s products until 31st May.

This votive is hand painted and fade proof used with tea light candle that can be placed on windowsills too… (Pls see our website for details).

Here’s your winning write-up:

Like all the doting daughters, I am my mom’s complete fan. I am inspired by her in every way, right from the way she dresses up to the way she dresses up her home. So, it is very difficult to put a finger of my favourite accessory that belongs to her. But when I really think there indeed is an accessory that makes her complete. Her smile!

When I am happy, her supporting smile doubles my happiness. When I succeed, her smile full of pride makes me the greatest person ever. When I am down and out, her reassuring smile comforts me with a hope that everything is alright and that my sorrows will come to an end in no time.

When a tragedy strikes, her smile makes me feel that it is not end of the world. When I do something completely stupid, her smile gives out a smirk saying “That really was stupid, even for you”! When the smile is missing, I know that something hurt her tremendously. With that missing smile, I see my guiding beacon fading. So that is my favourite accessory that I wish and pray would never go missing from her lovely face.

Well, thanks a ton Sarita for participating in our Mother’s Day Contest. You take home this beautiful “Fish” tea light candle votive. We’ll eagerly look forward to receiving your picture posing with your prize!! 

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