The Lifestyle Portal’s 10th Birthday Winners – Children’s Entry

We’re elated to announce the Winners of the 10th Birthday Contest. Having received entries from all over India, we’re truly humbled by the participation from so many of you. This online event wouldn’t have been successful without our judges Ms Chanda Rajat Sahu, Principal and Founder of Wiz Kids International and Ms Meena Shah, Founder of Starchild Education. Not to forget our amazing Gifting Partners – Truly Tribal, Nyrvanna Cosmetics, Almitra Sustainables and The FBAI.

The Winners List…
Vedashri Walime, Mysore – My Favourite Place
Maira Khanna, Secunderabad – ‘If I were a bird’

One day, when I was gardening, l suddenly saw fluttering butterflies, tiny birds flying and bees buzzing all around me. l was feeling very happy when l suddenly thought to myself, ‘What if l were a bird?’ So, l put my watering can, my shovel and my gardening tools and headed back into my house lost in thoughts. I picked up my diary and my unicorn pen and started writing about what all had happened with me. I always maintain a diary. l wrote,
Date:30th January 2021
Day: Saturday
Time: 1:03pm
Dear Diary,
Today had been a very strange day. l was gardening when suddenly l asked myself, ‘What if l were a bird?’ So now l am going to tell you what I would do if l were a bird. I would fly in the sky. l would fly so high that I’d touch the sky. I would make my nest up high in a tree in which there would be many other birds as neighbours.

Maira Khanna
After that, l told my parents what happened to me. Suddenly, l felt a pinch. I opened my eyes and realized it was all a dream!

Adhriti Bhattacharjee, Pune – My Favourite Place
Adriti with her Certificate!
Aneesh Swapnil Kumbhar, Pune – My favourite place
Ayansh Mihir Shah, Ahmedabad – My favourite place
Ayansh with her Certificate!
Kavya Dutta, Thane – My favourite place

Your certificates and gifts are on their way!

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