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Student Testimonial by Nafisa Master

Nafisa Master on completing Basic & Intermediary Level of our Writing Program.

Somewhere inside me, a writer was lurking, just wanting to come out. But, alas, years went by, responsibilities of life took their priority place, and that writer just lingered in the background, finding no channel.

Many a times, I tried my hand at amateur writing, pouring out my thoughts into words, being happy, but not satisfied, because I always felt that something was missing. It was only after I met Tanya, and enrolled for the writing program, that I learnt that what I was missing was the technique. It makes a lot of difference.

This testimonial to Tanya Munshi, and her writing program comes from a place of deep gratitude and well wishes in my heart, not only because she showed me how to enjoy the joy of writing by teaching me the tools and the techniques of good writing, but also because of the immense patience she had, when I faltered and delayed in the assignments.

The program is so well designed, it takes the student from introduction of the correct way of assimilating ideas, to conducting proper web-search, to putting them on paper using creative and immersive styles, to being aware of the legalities of formal and informal writing. I could go on, but she has also taught me to be concise.

So, here’s my appreciation and reverence for my favourite teacher. Thank you, Tanya, for bringing out the writer in me.

Contributor: Nafisa Shabbir Master

About our Writing Program Student
Nafisa is a Behavioural Psychologist, Neuro-Linguistic Master Trainer, and Life Skills Coach. Apart from over 20 years of experience in Corporate Coaching, she also takes time to travel and go trekking. An avid traveller and trekker, Nafisa has trekked to the China, Myanmar and Bangladesh borders. She loves reading, cooking, singing and making friends. She’s happily married and a proud grand mother of four beautiful children.

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