This Is What Can Help You Deal With Your Baby’s Extra Sensitive Skin

A newborn baby is such a delight to have. The moment she’s brought to your arms, you tend to forget all the pain and agony you have gone through during delivery. You have tears of joy when you hold your tiny newborn infant in your arms. Feels like heaven, isn’t it?

Mother knows best...
Mother knows best…

As the baby gradually gets used to the world outside day by day, you’ll start noticing many changes taking place in the baby. One of the first things that I noticed about my baby was that her tender skin started peeling a bit and she developed some nasty rash.

Based on the doctor’s advice, I waited it out until those rashes subsided. But as a new mother, everything was a learning phase. Right from the diaper, to the fabric of a wrap around cloth to even the bathing soap and massage oil – my baby and I went through various phases.

The harsh climate of our cities coupled with dust and pollution don’t make it any easy for our babies. But as she started growing up, I found that certain products from Himalaya were suiting her the best.

For instance, the Himalaya Baby Talcum Powder, Baby Wipes, Body Lotion, Massage Oil and a Bathing Soap have been her constant companion during her growing up years. Since I personally look for products for my child that are safe and free from any chemicals, Himalaya baby care range was a wise choice.

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