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Bharath Bhushan – What makes him ‘Click’!

The Lifestyle Portal is always on the look out for inspiration from people like you. The famous saying by Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” holds true for a certain breed of people who quit their high paying jobs to pursue their passion and hobbies simply for the love of it.

So when we spot people around us who’re talented artists, singers, cooks, designers or entrepreneurs – we like to feature them on The Lifestyle Portal to share their story with our readers.

Here’s one of our recent inspirations, a young 26-year-old photographer, who holds an MBA degree in Marketing from the Aston University UK and has been a Consultant with SAP Labs India in Bangalore.

We caught up with Bangalore-based Bharath Bhushan about his love for photography and his journey so far.

He started with his good old Nokia phone which Bharath considers his best friend in photography before moving onto a DSLR in mid-2009.

Bharat attended a few workshops and met several others who had similar interests in photography to expand his horizons.

In fact, he also attended Kalyan Varma’s (an ace wildlife photographer and filmmaker) Photography and Fashion Photography Workshop in 2009 to brush up his skills.

“Since my childhood, I have always had a different way of perceiving things. I never pursued photography as a profession but more out of hobby and also because I just like to explore it as a medium as freely as possible,” says Bharath.

Bharath loves people and portraits as he feels the scope for these two themes is endless and there’s always something new everyday.

“Photography is an art is priceless and I don’t like to sell my work. But if it is a charitable organisation or an NGO then I can take my time off to conduct a photography session for them to promote their organisation. My service is absolutely free of cost but the only condition is that I must like the project,” adds Bharath.

Bharat shares, “Every candid moment I capture involves camera settings, anticipation and luck. I believe this is true for every photographer. If one can balance these things correctly, then every photograph is a marvel.”

“The only thing that differentiates from a good and a bad photographer is ‘composition’. You tell me the purpose and I do the branding. I do wedding photography, baby shower, portraits, street photography, fashion photography, nature, landscapes, theme and product photography.  My service is absolutely free like I have mentioned earlier, but the only condition is that the project I get should be impressive,” adds Bharath.

To get a portfolio done by Bharath

If you wish to contact Bharath for a portfolio, Bharath is eager to take up any form of photography as long as it is a unique concept and it depends on whom he is doing it for.

“I am based from Bangalore, I can travel anywhere in the world to do photography but my client/subject should bare my travel and living expenses in that location for that number of days,” adds Bharath.

Getting in touch:

You can get in touch with Bharath at these following addresses:

Facebook: Bharath Bhushan Bogisetty’s Camera Work

Collaborate with us:
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