How to wow your date

How to Wow your Date...
How to Wow your Date…

The big day has finally arrived. It’s time to look your best and that goes for men too. Follow these tips by Shadaab Razak, a Dubai-based fashion consultant, and we guarantee you a memorable time.

“Kickstart your grooming regime by taking a lukewarm shower with a scented shower gel for softer and sweet smelling skin,” says Shadaab. “For those of you, who have body scrubs, do use them today,” she suggests. Moisturize with a body lotion soon after. Follow this up with body spray.

What to wear
“If you are have fair, medium, or wheatish complexion, then a cocktail dress (length varies from just above the knee to two inches below the knee) or a full length dress will look great on you,” says Shadaab.

According to her, girls of medium weight should go in for a sleeveless dress with a V-neck. “If you are thin, select a strapless dress,” she says.

If you are overweight, keep it simple. “Go for a flowing tunic (a long loose kurta) in a simple cut. Avoid thick stiff fabrics and use chiffon, crepe or soft silk instead,” Shadaab says. Make sure you have a deep neck with long sleeves. Match the tunic with loose trousers, or comfortable pants.

“Red is definitely the colour choice for Valentine’s, but please don’t overdo it. While some people can carry off red, others can’t,” says Shadaab. “Girls with dusky complexion can select a deeper shade of red bordering on maroon, or a blend of red with black, white, grey or any other neutral colour,” she adds.

When choosing the fabric, Shadaab cautions against wearing lycra as it can cling to all the wrong places. She suggests a blend of polycotton, instead.

“Even a nice raw silk capri or slim fit straight pants are very in. They look amazing when coupled with a lovely cream, beige, black or same-colour blouse or top. The result is very chic,” she adds.

“Big is in, so wear a watch with a big dial and team it up with a sleeveless dress or blouse,” says Shadaab.

“If you have a long neck, wear slender diamond danglers as they will add a glamour to your outfit. For those not blessed with a slender neck, diamond studs or pearls look great. Pick up some imitation diamond earrings/danglers from fashion and lifestyle stores.”

“But ensure that the imitation does not look gaudy or loud,” she cautions.

“For your feet, shoes in red or black are in. Go for the open toe pumps with heels, or closed shoes. Prep up your sandals by tying a matching ribbon up your ankle. A clutch (small rectangular purse that fits well within your palm) completes the look,” Shadaab says.

Hair dos
“Style your tresses according to your natural hair texture. Girls with poker straight hair should stay away from curlers as the curls will not last. Go for the sleek wet look,” says Shadaab. Just work some styling mousse into your hair while coming it when wet. You could also pull back your hair and tie a smooth chignon (a knot or a bun). This looks very classy. “For naturally frizzy hair, the retro (wavy and curly at the same time)look, sported by singers Beyonce Knowles and Shakira, is very in,” says Shadaab.

For those born with natural curls, don’t do a thing,” says Shadaab. “Just arrange your hair to frame your face,” she adds.

Make up
“Keep it subtle with emphasis on either the eyes or the lips. Never both,” says Shadaab. Natural lip gloss goes well with dark eyes. “My personal favourite is a light pink/ brown shade on the eyelids lined with black liner and lots of mascara. A lovely plum shade on the cheek bones and rich deep red lipstick on the lips complete the look,” she says.

“However, if you’re not comfortable with dark lipstick then go for natural or muted colours like beige, pink or rust,” she adds. You can also create your own shade by mixing a few lip colours. For example, a natural beige combined with a dark red and an orange gives a fantastic new colour that will suit any skin color.

Finishing touches
“Don’t forget to add a dash of your favourite perfume behind you ear lobes, neck, and wrists,” says Shadaab.

Guys need to look their best too on the big day.

“Keep it simple. Girls hate when you overdo it,” says Shadaab. “Suede jackets are very in right now. A pair of jeans paired with a dressy shirt of silk or cotton would look great tucked in if you’re thin or of medium built,” says Shadaab. For those with a heavier build, Shadaab suggests leaving the shirt tucked out.

“Stick to neutral shades, preferably white, black or beige. For a bolder look, try dark maroon teamed with a brown, beige or a black jacket.”

If it’s a very formal do, wear an elegant black suit with either a black shirt or one that complements your complexion.

“Silver watch, a leather wallet and clean, shiny shoes completes the look,” says Shadaab.
~Hair “Many guys overuse hair gels. The result — very stiff hair. So be careful while applying. Either use a small quantity or skip.

~Finishing touches
“No makeup! But use an after shave lotion and a moisturizer,” says Shadaab. “Check out stores for a fragrance of your choice,” she adds.

For, 14th February 2007

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