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Mother’s Day Contest – 3rd Prize Winner – Silver Anklets

Ms. Swati Harsha takes home the third prize for her beautiful photograph and write-up on ‘The Silver Anklets’. 

Swati, both your photograph and write-up was a cheerful note about those gorgeous silver anklets passed down by your mum that will eventually go to your little princess on her wedding.

After seeing the photograph we now know why you coveted this gorgeous piece of silver for yourself!  

Swati, you win ‘Dabbuwali’ – Priced at Rs. 450/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of your choice until 31st May. (Pls see our website for details).

Here’s your winning write-up:

The photograph is that of my mom’s silver anklets, which are a family heirloom and the only piece of her jewellery I coveted.

This pair of silver anklets was worn by my mother on the day of her wedding and by me on mine. I now sometimes double it up as a neck piece and it always reminds me of how beautiful a bride she made when these adorned her pretty feet.

Secretly I wished the effect would rub off on me too. After 34 successful years of marriage and 33 years of motherhood her influence on our lives is absolute and this is how I remember her every time I want to dress up special.

I wish to hand them over to my daughter, so that she may also always remember the strongest woman that i know of.

Thanks a ton Swati  for participating in our Mother’s Day Contest. You take home this fun and exciting Dabbuwali – now that we know your love for little dabbas, maybe this prize was meant for you. We’ll eagerly look forward to receiving your picture posing with your prize!!

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