10 Reasons Why You Need a Mom’s Night Out

“Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain—your life will never be the same.” – Catherine Jones

Mom's Night Out - it's therapy, it is a lifesaver
Mom’s Night Out – it’s therapy, it is a lifesaver

Having said that – whether you’re a new mom, a mother of a teenager or going through an ’empty nest’ syndrome – once you’re a mother it is irreversible. Once you’ve experienced what the whole process of carrying a baby in your womb, to birthing and then rearing up a child – you have already evolved as a human being. Things that you never imagined you were capable of or not capable of – everything starts getting sorted.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a breather. Remember you need to fill your cup first before you can tend to others.

Being a single mum I realise the value of taking a few hours off from my ‘single mother – double parent’ role which clocks in more than 24×7, where I tend to worry about something as small as my child’s tiffin, to my career choice so that it doesn’t come in the way of her childhood, her overall well being and financial security – basically the list is endless.

In order to balance it all out, I try and take a short trip to the nearby spa, or a movie date or a lunch date all by myself, or indulge in retail therapy and wrap it up with my favourite filter coffee and a chicken wrap. I indulge myself more, now as a single mom, I tend to look after myself a lot more as this is what my daughter is going to grow up learning – to love and appreciate herself first before looking out for someone else. And being selfish in today’s day and age is not a bad thing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, a mom is a mom and you too deserve a break every once in a while. In fact the best part being, more and more husbands today are happy with the idea that their wives take some time off for some self-love and nurturing as that’s a hygiene for an overall good health of the family.

I asked my fellow mommy friends and family of their idea and reason for taking a night out or a break and here’s what mommies from around the world had to say, take a look –

1. For fitness –

As Pooja Munshi, a professional surfer based out of Indonesia and a mother of a gorgeous 5 month old baby girl says, “As beautiful as baby and motherhood is, it is not an easy task. It’s easy to be swallowed by it all, forgetting your own interests, your passions or even who you are. I’m grateful I’ve had a supporting family & nanny with whom I’ve left baby while taking a TIME OUT for myself. Whether it’s surfing, CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, glass of wine with the girlfriends or a dinner date with the husband, it has made me come back rejuvenated, more in tune with myself and ready to take on another day as supermom.”

2. For Peace –

Swati Jha- Pillai, a Mumbai-based Naval wife and a mother of two adds, “I’ve been wanting to go one one…waiting still! To shed the “mommy-garb”, slow down, relive youth, giggle and gag with people who I used to have night outs with, no one around repeating mumma- mumma 20 times in a fraction of a second, basically to find out the girl I was and have lost in time and lastly stay up late not worry about the 6 o clock alarm!”

3. For a solo trip – 

For Mumbai-based fashion blogger and a mother of two, Parimita Chakravorty mentions, “I recently took a solo trip to Mysore. Left both the kids with husband. I even have date nights with husband. I love my children a lot, but I feel nurturing my adult self is equally important. Exploring my dreams and desires makes me a happy individual which helps me become a better mother.”

4. For self-love –

Rini Chatterjee Sadri, a Mumbai-based food & mommy blogger adds, “I believe that to love and nurture her children a mother must love herself completely and indulge once in a while in things that makes her happy. It could be the things they loved doing before they became mums. Self-care is very essential. For me getting to read a book at my favourite coffee place or going out with friends for a Karaoke night is liberating.”

5. For a change –

A mother of two, Mumbai based HR manager Manisha Kothari pitches in, “So many reasons for a night out! Babies are beautiful, motherhood is magical and the mom-baby bond is a blessing. But an evening out or an hour for fitness, a solo coffee date or even a quiet walk in the park provide a welcome change, some perspective, peace or call it a time to recharge your mom-battery-pack! I’ve always found myself returning from these mini breaks with a lot more patience, love & understanding for my little ones…almost to the point of making me a better version of myself.”

6. For me time –

Jhelum Narsale, Owner of The Earl’s Court Bake Co. says, “As much as I love my husband and my child to bits, I often feel domesticity is like a cage. There are times when I’ve just had enough and want to be left alone for as long as I want. That never happens especially after a child. Going out with the girls does 2 things-

  1. It gives me that escape even if it is for a brief period of time
  2. It tells me I am not alone in the way I feel most other women find themselves in a similar predicament. Both these make me feel better.

7. For fun –

Delhi-based mother of two handsome boys Prerna Chimni Mohapatra, “While I totally love being a mom to two energetic boys it can be tiring at times. Mom’s night out or rather day out in my case is a much required rejuvenation. Hanging around with like minded moms without having to think about homework and food and projects is a blessing. I happily leave my kids under the caring eyes of my hubby and have a fun fun fun day. It makes me miss my kids a tiny bit but it makes my homecoming all the more sweet.”

8. For recharging –

Washington based financial professional Devoki Sengupta adds, “I was just planning a “Girls Night Out” with some college friends. The main reason is a break from Mommy Duty to get recharged, a change from the routine and not being tied down to a child’s routine for an evening/night.”

9. For individuality –

Sharoni Sen, a Mumbai-based media professional pitches in, “I think all moms deserve a night out me included, but not with other moms necessarily as the last thing I’d want to do is talk shop at the bar. Besides, single friends’ perspective can be a welcome change, as it helps bring out the woman/individual in you instead of the mother who you are quite well acquainted with, thanks very much.”

10. For gossip –

Madhura Kuchekar-Ware, a Mumbai-based doctor feels, “I guess a mom’s night out is a refreshing tonic for all ladies as they can actually gossip, talk about their kids and listen to the stories from other moms. The best part being, given an option even they can forget the mommy part and just enjoy the moment with their friends as this gives us moms more energy to get back to the daily grind.”

What are you waiting for? As more and more women are taking the step to a ‘me-time’/ mommy-time, you too can learn to hang up those mommy boots every once in a while and go out and enjoy some sunshine!

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