Interactive rhymes from Chu Chu TV to engage your little ones

Say hello to Mr. Harlo from Chu Chu TV
Say hello to Mr. Harlo from Chu Chu TV

These days kids need to be entertained from a very early age. Even though parents would want to spend as much time as possible with their kids, it may not always be practically possible.

In such cases, age appropriate, educational and fun games and activities to keep them occupied is a must. Yes you could sit with them and paint or play in the park, but if you’re traveling or it is raining or too sunny and you are not able to do much of outdoorsy activities, interactive and fun learning videos come handy.

There are a number of children’s nursery rhymes available across the internet, one of the most recent and popular learning videos doing the rounds on the internet are from Chu Chu TV.

Chu Chu TV has a long list of nursery rhymes, which include top titles such as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle and plenty more.

If your kids are familiar with nursery rhymes, and you want to take it to the next level of learning new words, colours and numbers then Chu Chu TV has quite a few interactive and fun learning videos such as the ‘Surprise Eggs Toys for Learning Numbers’ where your pre-schoolers or toddlers can count and identify numbers from 1 to 10.

Fun animated characters, cute and chubby babies and kids are easily identifiable by the toddlers which make them sit up and take notice. Watch how kids look forward to Mr. Harlo (a very chubby green elephant) who will introduce the kids to colours, numbers and lots more.

As parents you’re assured that your kids are watching something which is positive and educational. Since Mr. Harlo and the other babies in the Chu Chu TV videos talk in simple English language it helps your little children to pick up new words and increase their English vocabulary too.

Learning made fun with Chu Chu TV
Learning made fun with Chu Chu TV

If you fix the timings for such educational videos during the day, you’re rest assured that your kids are going to form a positive association with learning through Chu Chu TV educational videos and look forward to learning new things every day.

What makes Chu Chu TV unique:

Chu Chu TV loves kids and most of their team members have little ones of their own which helps them to create better content for kids.

They revamp the usual nursery rhymes and change them a bit to create a positive impact among the little ones with the aim to instil good thoughts in their mind which will make them better adults.

Chu Chu TV’s creative team who come up with a lot of original content.

Their videos have fun peppy numbers which is loved by little kids all around the world.

Every new video of theirs is unique with lots of artwork; that is the reason they only have done around 100 in around 2.5 years.

Chu Chu TV has an in-house production team and everything they do is in-house and nothing is outsourced.

Learn new words, colours, numbers and lots more with Chu Chu TV
Learn new words, colours, numbers and lots more with Chu Chu TV

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