Signs you are doing motherhood right

Mothers always keep thinking whether they’re doing motherhood right. If they yell too much, if they are over protective, if they don’t run behind the child all the time – either way mothers tend to feel guilty. 

5 Signs you are Doing Motherhood Right
5 Signs you are Doing Motherhood Right

Firstly, there’s no such rulebook to tell what a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ mother is. Challenge someone else to do your job of being a mother one day and they’ll know how tough and demanding the job is and no one will ever judge you the way you bring up your child.

As we urge you to put away the self-inflicted guilt and judgments aside, here are some signs that show that you’re on the right track and even if you aren’t it’s never too late to make a positive shift:

  1. Putting yourself first – We’ve repeated this several times before as we’ve seldom seen mothers putting themselves before their kids. It is not a crime to be a little selfish at times. Remember, our children need us more than we need them.
  2. Learning to say ‘no’ in different ways – Mothers are known to say ‘no’ for everything. We’ve earned a bad reputation of constantly saying no to ice creams, extra TV time; in fact the list is endless.
  3. Not submitting to the child’s demands – As a mother we’re obviously going to want the best for our child but there’s a fine line to it.
  4. Date nights – This is a concept yet to catch up in our country but we’re pleasantly surprised to see many mothers I who go one date nights with their husbands once a week, while the child is at home either with their nanny/ caregiver/ grandparents.
  5. Have fun – Parenting isn’t all about chores. It is also about having fun. Let go of rules once in a while. Set a cheat day with your child where you get to sit down on the floor and play with paints and clay.

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