Photo Write-Up Contest: 1st Runner Up – ‘Bloom in Glory’

1st runner up Brinda MahindraCongratulations to Brinda Mahindra from Hyderabad who is our 1st runner up. According to our Sponsor Naina Dey, “Brinda is precise and wastes no words when expressing her attachment towards her hibiscus and what it symbolizes for her. Her photo and write-up are simple and honest.”

We couldn’t agree with her more. The deep red colour of the hibiscus flower shows off strength, glory and victory! Beautiful photograph and write-up. Thank you so much for participating in our contest.

Read Brinda’s write-up here:

‘Bloom in Glory’ – by Brinda Mahindra

I moved to hyderabad 6 months back and bought this hibiscus as I love it’s bright colour.

However it got attacked by fungus and the only way to save it was for me to sadly, cut all its leaves off. Everyday, as the plant grows I wipe of the fungus on each leaf and stem.

Recently it started giving buds – the fungus remains in smaller amounts but the plant has fought its way back to not only survive but bloom in glory 🙂 Living on my own has its tough moments and the morning I took this picture I wasn’t in the best of places emotionally.

Then I saw the flower and it symbolised renewal, hope, courage, faith and mainly the joy of life 🙂 and the spirit to go on.

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