Gajalee Mangalore Restaurant Review

This is one place I am glad has several branches in Mumbai, one in Singapore and the other in Mangalore. I have visited Gajalee in Mumbai (the Andheri East branch) and in Mangalore and I am a huge fan of the restaurant. Had I known they had a branch in Singapore, I would have surely made a beeline for a good meal there during my trip to Singapore last year.Anyway, coming back to the important part of my restaurant review, Gajalee is a seafood lover’s paradise and I can safely say, I have found mine in the Mangalore branch.

Set in the Old Circuit House Compound, the ambience of Gajalee is that of an old British bungalow/ circuit house, with a driveway and parking on one side and a panoramic view of Mangalore on the other.

Take a stroll before or after your  meal at Gajalee to complete the sea food dining expereince and relish the view from the top. Their staff is so courteous that it makes us want to go there every time we visit Mangalore.

What is good there? Well, quite everything and its very difficult to choose from the list. I can guarantee that when you read the menu card, you’ll start salivating in auto. Don’t believe me, go try it yourself. You must try one of Gajalee’s signature dishes the Bombil Fry (Bombay Duck – no it’s not duck, but a sea fish). Since this fish is so delicate and soft, they deep fry it in a masala batter and serve it hot with a spicy dip. Have one, and you’ll ask for more.

For starters, Squid Butter Pepper Garlic, Crispy Prawns or Golden Fried Prawns taste divine with the Soul Curry or Solkadi – a heavenly blend of spice and tang that consists of coconut milk, ginger, curry leaves and kokum which serves as a digestive. You can go for beer as well to compliment your sea food; but as they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, so when in Gajalee, drink Solkadi with sea food. A fantastic combination, I can totally vouch for that.

An ideal way to do justice to an awesome meal at Gajalee is to order for Pomfret Fish Curry in Konkan style accompanied with steamed rice.

You will not need anything else to go with this as this combination in itself is perfect. The Pomfret is absolutely divine, its soft, succulent and melts in the mouth the moment you take one bite.; what’s more, the curry does full justice to the fish by keeping the flavour of the fish intact. A hint of coconut in the gravy with all the masalas is what you would like to brighten up your day.

My sincerest apologies; but after eating all this, we usually refrain from having desserts as we don’t want to spoil the taste of the sea food. So on your next trip to Mangalore, I suggest you pay Gajalee a visit.


Gajalee Mangalore
Circuit House Compound,
Kadri Hills,
Mangalore 575004
Phone – +91 824 222 1900

What’s your favourite seafood restaurant?

Share your favourite sea food dining experience with photos clicked by you to and we’ll be happy to publish it! 😀

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