Indian Spice Restaurant Review

Indian Spice Restaurant Review
Indian Spice Restaurant Review

It started out as the only Indian restaurant in Vizag a few months ago, but on a recent visit we were handed a brand new menu card with continental and Chinese dishes adding to the list. Care has been taken to pick a few speciality cuisines from each section, making the menu

Care has been taken to pick a few speciality cuisines from each section, making the menu a limited options, but it’s really okay. There’s still ample to choose from at the Indian Spice Restaurant, in Vizag.Indian Spice is a terrace restaurant that offers a beautiful view of Vizag at night. Whenever anyone visits a terrace restaurant, they usually opt for a table that gives them the best view and the natural breeze.  But this is not the case with Indian Spice. Unfortunately, thanks to some underlying trend in Vizag, all the best places are taken up by men who’re drinking in groups, while young boys huddled together smoking seesha (Rs. 200/- for 1 hour) along the railing that offers a good view.

All the families were clustered at the entrance of the restaurant, under the shade, which had no view and breeze at all. Sadly, this is a trend we have seen in most restaurants in Vizag how families cluster up in one corner while men in large groups come to drink and have a meal, leaving the other families, especially the women folk feeling uncomfortable. Anyway, coming back to the food part; the food is brilliant at Indian Spice. Pudina ki Tikka consisted of soft chicken tikkas served with the most divine mint chutney with a hint of green mango. The Mutton Rogenjosh was well made, however more on the sweeter side.

Indian Spice has a huge potential, if they found another place for the seesha boys and men who only come to drink. It’s supposed to be a family restaurant and not a bar only.

Fame Restrobar,
Waltair Uplands,
Visakhapatnam – 3

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