Liquid Lounge

A neat, classy decor with good music, food and drinks is what Liquid Lounge in Mangalore is all about. As soon as we reach Mangalore, all of us make a beeline to Liquid Lounge on weekends, to just hang out with friends over beer and dig into those delicious pork chilly. If you haven’t been there, then you’ve surely missed a slice of youth from your mundane life.


Go there; why miss it! Though of course, weekends are packed and too noisy, I prefer Sunday brunches at Liquid Lounge or Froth on Top. The decor and space is very tasteful with a well equipped bar and the music they play…lovely! At times, we drop in at the Liquid Lounge for a brunch before taking a flight to Mumbai.

But be careful while ordering something way too fancy, I can’t remember what I had at one time, but it was chicken, it was orange and red and it was all muddled into one. Not my style. If the food does not look neat, clean and appealing when served and if I can’t identify what I’m eating, then I have a tough time finishing it, as I hate wasting food.

If you visit there once, you will know why I am so eager that you visit and why it has been ranked #3 in the top 12 ‘Must Do Things’ in Mangalore. The crowd is young, well dressed youngsters with the latest hairdos and you kind of like being there when everyone is so aptly dressed which kind of sets the mood for a lounge, pub or bar. Thankfully, so far I haven’t seen anyone chappals, paan chewing crowd.

Liquid Lounge,
Balmatta Rd
Near DON Bosco Hall
Phone – 0824 4255175

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  • Teesra

    Love the rock music played here.


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