There’s nothing like Bengali street food. What’s there not to binge on? Rolls, chops, cutlets, sweets – the list is endless. Hangla, Paancforon, Babumoshai and Taste of Kolkata – bring to you flavours of Bengal in Thakur Village which has a very high concentration of Bengalis in Mumbai.

Mostly a takeaway restaurant, Paanchforon has a couple of tables and chairs at its entrance, but owing to its location that is sandwiched between a grocery store and a laundry, it provides no room or air for an ambience. It is recommended that you order the food at home or pack a dish before heading back from work. If you don’t mind sitting there, then Paanchforon works as a good pit stop for a Chicken Egg Roll,  Mochar Chop and tea after a shopping spree at Thakur Village.

Paanchforon as the name suggests is an amalgamation of five essential spices that gives a unique aromatic flavour to Bengali cuisine (my mouth is watering while I’m writing this paragraph…sigh). Paanchphoron or the five spice mix includes – kalonji (onion seeds), jeera (cumin), saunf (fennel), methi (fenugreek) and rai (mustard seeds). In some cases, a typical Bengali spice known as raandhuni can also added instead. So just like this five spice mix, this small takeaway seems to be a promising take-away joint for all Bengalis or at least those who dig into Bengali food, who can get a variety of street food all under one roof!

We tested Paancforon for the first time yesterday when we ordered for a plate of Mutton Biryani. Priced at Rs. 170/- it wasn’t that bad at all. It had all the flavours that a typical Bengali style biryani should have, along with the famous biryani attar or essence. But we felt that the quantity was far too little and the raita provided was of a meager quantity. Maybe the biryani was so light and delicious, that we wanted to have a better fill at it.

Overall Rating:

Ambience – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] (It is more of a takeaway joint)
Service – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Presentation of food & drinks –  [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Quantity of food served – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Quality of food – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Price – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Worth a Visit – Of course! [scg_html_carrot]



The Bengali Tempering

Thakur Village

Kandivali – East

Mumbai – 400 101

Phone: 09820251856/ 8080636253/ 8080733115

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