A Coffee Morning Styling Workshop by Prachi Kesarwani

Prachi Kesarwani’s Imaginesta Workshop

When we collaborated with Prachi Kesarwani, the Founder of Imaginesta (Image consultant & Etiquette Expert), little did we know that it would open up a whole new world of helping our women readers to view themselves in a whole new way.

After having featured Prachi in our Entrepreneur Stories, Directory Listing and a feature story on Why you should take that extra effort to groom and dress up well – The Lifestyle Portal decided to take this collaboration to next level where we introduced a brand directly to our readers and here’s what happened…

So a group of 15 gorgeous ladies joined us for a wonderful Coffee Morning Workshop organized by Pallavi Mehta, an event’s consultant in Thakur Village, Mumbai.

Women tend to get overshadowed by the daily domesticity. They do want to come out and take a breather but sometimes their under confidence takes over. Thankfully, women are now realizing how self-care and grooming both physically and emotionally are so important for them to deal with everyday household chores, monotony, and stress.

Ladies attending Prachi’s Imaginesta Workshop

The Coffee Morning Workshop with Prachi touched upon some very basic yet very important elements of self-grooming that is often overlooked and undermined by women. The elements that were discussed in a 2-hour session were:

  1.  Recommendation to dress as per their body shape.
  2.  Tricks to enhance and camouflage.
  3. How to dress in harmony.
  4. Better Understanding and choosing the right foundation wear.
  5. How to accessories your outfit
  6.  Tips on organizing your clothes /closet.

Here’s a snippet on what was explained:

She started by making us understand what is inner -image and how does it help an individual to be self-confident.  She also explained that a winning image is not just about looking glamorous or pretty but to project an image with is ‘Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable’.

Knowing your body shape is very important

Recommendation to dress as per their body shape

It is time, that women realize and learn to accept their body variations. Today thanks to the positive influence of social media, we no longer ‘body shame’ anyone, anymore. We are now more sensitive to how people feel based on their physical appearance.  In the workshop, Prachi pointed out the various body variations we women have and how we should identify and focus on the positive aspects of our body. One needs to enhance it and to camouflage or minimize the rest. She also emphasized on accepting and loving one’s body and to be a friend to oneself with positive affirmations.

For instance, if a lady is an inverted triangle in shape variation, She should wear pliable fabric on the upper half of her body and slightly flared pants, palazzos to balance the body variations, A- line tops/tunics, etc. This would help her to accentuate the positive aspects of her body.

Learning how to camouflage a body type

Tricks to enhance and camouflage

Certain colors such as black and dark blue or (thin)vertical lines, small prints can help camouflage the extra ‘flab’ or bulge around the waist. Certain tweaking of colors, patterns, and designs can help accentuate the height of the person.

Mrs. Sharmila Battar said, “The workshop taught us some techniques which we will keep in mind that can be used whenever it is required. It was a wonderful experience with a modern way of fashion. I am eagerly looking forward to more sessions like these.”

Understanding the basics of dressing up right

How to dress in harmony

The best way to look good is to embrace our body variation in all its form. Instead of being ashamed of how we look physically, we can start by being more loving towards ourselves. Prachi shared some patterns and designs, which each lady should wear that are in harmony with their body variation.

One of the participants, Mrs. Hema Rao, an educationist shared, “It was a good eye-opener for us. There were quite a few pointers that we took back and tried it at our end. Maybe now we would be more conscious of our matching outfits from henceforth and try to look our best at different events and circles. Because many times, we don’t realise or give weightage to all the accessories while dressing up, but now I feel such workshops help each one of us to look presentable. I look forward to more such different kind of events that help in basic grooming and at the same time enhances each our personality.”

How important it is to pay attention to the details

Knowing and choosing the right foundation wear

Unfortunately, lingerie wear is still one of the most undermined clothing. Maybe because it is not a part of our social framework, that even to look good, it has to start from the basic things of wearing the right size. Prachi shared some important tips for women to pick the right size and type of lingerie wear that can further enhance the way they look.

Pallavi Mehta adds, “Overall it was a very good learning experience and an insightful session which helped us to understand body shapes, designs to camouflage, our face shape, and hairstyle. The workshop also helped us ladies know more about the inner wear, mix-n-match dresses with accessories and thoughtful buying to use one cloth in a different way etc.”

How to compliment your outfit with the right accessory.

How to accessorize your outfit

Prachi had got with her a treasure trove of some amazing scarves, stoles, dupattas, and accessories. She draped a scarf in various ways that magically transformed a simple kurta to a designer outfit. She showed how to wear necklaces around which color kurtas, saris and tops and even the type of bags we carry can potentially change the way we look. She also showed how some old dupattas /materials lying at home can be customized for making accessories/combination scarfs and stoles.  The ladies were guided basis face shape how one needs to pick the right earrings, neckpieces, eyewear, and bindis.

As one of the participants, Mrs. Neelam Agrawal, a homemaker shared, “This was a very knowledgeable and interactive session in a homely environment where we were very comfortable to ask a query and solve. I enjoyed a lot and look forward to more such workshops in the near future.”

Understanding the nuances of tying a scarf

Tips on organizing your clothes /closet

Prachi gave tips on how to organize closets/accessories. Her emphasis was that a well-organized closet can simplify and speed the decision of what to wear and how to wear. It also helps to experiment with the various mix and match possibilities with your clothing. She also shared tips how to avoid accessories from entangling and for an easy pick, quick tips on malfunction of Lingerie wear, etc.

While Mrs. Varsha Murdia said, that the workshop was executed meticulously and tips were very useful, Mrs. Anita Jain shared that it was a very interactive and a valuable session.

Prachi, Pallavi and I were overwhelmed with the response when we saw ladies from the age group 25 to 40+ joining us in their fineries and eager to know more about how to look and feel better and groom themselves right.

Knowledge always feels wonderful, isn’t it?

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Prachi Kesarwani, with the participants

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